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Quilting With My Embroidery Machine

I’m quilting Rainbow Insomnia right now and I wanted to add some fancier stitches in the corners and the triangles surrounding the center star. So last night I thought, “Well it’s now or never.”, made a quilt sandwich and sat down and started playing.

Quilting in the hoop is a bit different. You don’t actually hoop your quilt sandwich – it sits on top of the hoop and is held in place by clips. I only had 4 clips that were big enough (will get some more medium size binding clips today) but it worked just fine.

Here are the designs stitched out for the first time:

(I got my designs from Embroidery Library for $1 each.) You can see the top design I drew some centering lines and such and for the bottom one I just moved the fabric a bit and stitched it out. The bottom design has been flipped upside down and stitched out a second time just to see if I could get the placement right.

I didn’t have any thread issues or bunching of the sandwich and that surprised me. I thought it would be harder to do. So I drew some areas that are the same size as sections in Rainbow Insomnia that I want to quilt to see if I could center and place my designs properly.

The triangle design came out perfectly. That was easy to center and place. The second one… well, I knew it would be the tricky one since I’m fitting a design that is 4.8″ wide into a box that is 5″ wide. I don’t have much room for error.

My second attempt isn’t too bad – still close to the edge but I think I can live with that. Now I know what to look for. I printed out my designs and used that to center best I could once I had my registration lines drawn onto my sandwich. I ended up sticking a pin through the starting stitch point once I had the printed design centered onto my sandwich so I could mark where to start my needle. It came out better that way!

Tonight I have doggie agility with Byron but I may attempt one last centering practice before quilting the designs onto Rainbow Insomnia.

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