The insomnia problem & Super Bowl Sew In Announcement

Sometimes I have trouble sleeping and this week has been no exception.  Stress at work, with the quilt guild and at home has got me completely frazzled.  I woke up at 1AM this morning and just was not able to get back to sleep.  A little after 2AM I decided to heck with it, I got up and took the boy corgis out of the bedroom with me.  I headed into the sewing studio!

It wasn’t my intention to start a new project but I feel like I need a palate cleanse before I start my next big thing.  So I picked a small project to do with my rainbow jelly roll by Robert Kaufman that my mom bought me for my birthday last year.  It’s been sitting on my dresser waiting to be played with!  Kimberly Einmo’s book Jelly Roll Magic had the perfect pattern so I cracked it open, unrolled the jelly roll and started playing.

Cutting the diamonds using the EZ Jelly Roll Ruler

I didn’t realize my roll had 43 strips in it so I cut more diamonds than I needed and had to make a choice at the end on the colors I wanted in my lone star.

I like the color choices!

The hard part for me is putting the two diamond units together and having those points match.  Kimberly has a trick to get that to happen but it still takes lots of practice!  I remember taking the class last year and getting frustrated with it.  Most of my units turned out with the points matching – I only had a few that were a bit off but I was ok with that margin of error.

I had a scrap of Moda Basic black leftover to use – I think it makes the star pop!

Now I just have to attach the black background triangle units to the pieced diamond units and then piece all of those together after squaring up each block.  I think this will be my Super Bowl Sew In project!! Don’t know about the Super Bowl Sew In?

NEW Twitter Sew In – Super Bowl Style
The holiday sew ins were so fantastic, that Katie suggested we do another online sew-in for the super bowl.

If you missed the last one, log in to twitter, open up a client such as, link it to your twitter profile, and enter SBSI on the top and it will take care of managing all the tweets that relate to the sew in. Also tweetchat automatically enters the SBSI hashtag on the back of all your tweets out to the rest of us.

Or you could always just search twitter for SBSI during the time of the sew in. But then you have to remember to add:

#SBSI at the back (front anywhere) of your tweets.

Sew some, tweet some, and hopefully have some laughs and fun and encouragement. It’s fast, furious, hard to follow sometimes, but a lot of fun. Control how much you say/read if you really want to sew, but it’s a great social time.

I don’t know about time, but I’ll be sewing “early” for the US and will be up early with my machine going. This would be before the superbowl. Pregame, very pregame.
Questions, shoot us back, very ‘last minute idea’, but a great one. Already getting a little bit of buzz about it on twitter.


COME to TWITTER and connect with us!

Post pictures on your blog, in Pintrest or on FLICKER or any picture posting site … then post a link on TWITTER… We have a fun time and want you to join us.

I need to piece a border once the main portion is all together and then I can figure out how I want to quilt it!  It’ll be a great piece to cheer up my sewing room.  I don’t have enough of my own work hanging in there right now – I’ve been doing too many commissions for other folks!

Hope to see you at the Super Bowl Sew In!


  1. I have a big lone star kit, already cut, that I got from my beloved aunt when she decided to stop quilting. It’s solid fabrics, in colours I don’t love. (emerald green, navy blue, and white) I haven’t finished it yet. It’s a beastly pain! tiny little diamonds… Yours is gorgeous!