Tool Organization Tip of the Day

My studio setup has been bothering me for a few months now and I’ve been thinking about how to rearrange things to make it better.  I have several issues in the room that limit how I can set up my areas but I think I’m off to a decent start.

I moved my small cutting table to another part of the room and swapped it with my ironing board.  I removed the quilt rack that was in one corner and also the clothes rack and put those in my guest room. They don’t need to take up space in my sewing room.  I like the placement of the ironing board.  It can move around the room where I need it to be, I can swivel around in my chair as I’m sewing to iron something really quick.  I originally had it set up this way but changed it last year when I got a wild hair.  I think this format works better.

Rearrange - Sewing Studio

Rearrange - Sewing Studio

Rearrange - Sewing Studio

The last little change I made was to label my bins above the new ironing station! I originally wanted to use them for scraps but I quickly figured out it just wasn’t working.  So now they hold things like my mailing supplies, binding clips, stabilizer cuttings, and applique cutouts. It keeps clutter put away which is always a good thing.

Rearrange - Sewing Studio

The big lightbulb moment of the day?  Seeing the bottom row of pegs on my thread organizer and realizing my cutting tools and lint rollers fit perfectly on them.  It keeps them organized and out of the way but nearby when I need it! I was so excited about this when I found it.  If I ever get so much thread I don’t have room for my tools anymore we’re in trouble.

Rearrange - Sewing Studio


  1. Hi Katie,
    Wow, Your sewing room looks so different now! I just watched the video tour that you made back in September? and it was totally different. I would love to see the fabric organizing you did, I’ll dig up your blog maybe I can find a picture of it. Can’t wait to catch up with your podcast, I’m on episode 29 now 🙂

  2. Your room is looking good. Very clever way to put your thread holder to use.

  3. Kate, I’m jealous! I have a whole room too but I have to share with the hubby and workout equipment. What is that block that is on your ironing board? I am in love with it!

  4. I like the idea of having the ironing board close to the sewing machine – I didn’t see the chair but assume you have an office chair so you can swivel to and fro. Had to chuckle seeing the lint rollers I have a collie, a pekingese and a yellow cat so I am one with my lint rollers and have a collection. Good idea to hang them there.

    • Yeah I have a swivel chair! It isn’t the most comfortable chair but it works right now. The lint rollers work great on corgi hair and thread that builds up on cutting mats and ironing boards. I didn’t realize how many were floating around my studio until I cleaned up.

  5. Great idea to hang things on the thread holders. I like that!

  6. What a great use of space!


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