Winner Announced – Kimberly Einmo Book and Ruler

Pulling up yesterday morning to draw a comment number resulted in:

That comment belongs to:

Congrats to Ellie! She’s won the Kimberly Einmo book Jelly Roll Magic and the EZ Jelly Roll Ruler.  If you didn’t win this contest I highly recommend checking Kimberly’s books out at your library or ordering them for yourself! If you use precuts they are invaluable for great quilt patterns that don’t look like they are made from precuts.

Her awesome rulers:

A big thank you to everyone that left a comment for Episode 36.  I’m happy so many of you enjoyed listening to it and felt like a friend just hanging out for the afternoon at her studio.


  1. Oh sigh! I really wanted to win. Oh well. Congrats, Ellie! Have a great day.

  2. Congrats to Ellie! I’ll have to go buy some of these books for myself now. sigh.

    • I have lots of pattern books and her books are some of the few that I love EVERY SINGLE PATTERN in. People are going to have to pry her books from my cold dead hands. I know you’ll love them!