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40 – Techie Quilting Tools, Rainbow Insomnia Finish, Pinterest Rant, embroidery

Techie Stuff for Quilting and Embroidery iPad/iPod/iPhone apps Fabric Converter Robert Kaufman's Quilt Calc Block Fab Block Tool Fabric Stash Fabric Journal Quilt … [Read more...]

Podcast Participation Giveaway – Win Bali Pops!

Firstly, thank you to my lovely sponsor PG Fabrics for providing the Bali Pops in this giveaway.  Haven't been over to see PG Fabrics website yet?? You should go take a look! I love the … [Read more...]

Design Purchases

I went a little hog wild on the Embroidery Library website since they are having a fantastic sale right now and I purchased a bunch of stuff that was on my wish list.  The sale they are … [Read more...]

A Little More Info About Embroidery

I've had my embroidery machine for about six months now so I thought I'd share some general information for anyone interested in getting into embroidery. Much like quilting this particular … [Read more...]

Finished! Rainbow Insomnia and Black Floral WH

I finished the binding on Rainbow Insomnia over the weekend but didn't have a chance to photograph it outdoors in proper light until tonight.  So here it is!! (I didn't photograph the back … [Read more...]

Banners and Snowball Blocks

I had a super busy weekend but still managed to get some stuff accomplished in my sewing room. The Topaz came home last Wednesday evening from her spa day and I didn't get a chance to use … [Read more...]

Saturday Morning Rant (Re: Pinterest)

I'm warning you: rant forthcoming.  This is somewhat related to my previous post in regards to Watermarking and Pinterest. I've been reading some blogs lately and lots of people are … [Read more...]

Wednesday Catchup

Neato format from Crafty Garden Mom!  I don't have a whole lot going on since it's turning out to be a busy week despite my machine being in the shop. Been sewing this: … [Read more...]

39 – Embroidery fun, Finishes, Rainbow Insomnia Progress, Listener Thank yous

Metro Embroidery Thread Rayon thread issues Tip about quilting in the hoop - cover your clips in masking tape to prevent them from popping off! Rainbow Insomnia and the different types … [Read more...]

A Hat for St. Pats

Well I turned my little pile of wrapped cording into a St. Patrick's day hat.... sombrero..... sunhat?   I didn't make the bowl part deep enough since I was worried I wouldn't have enough … [Read more...]