39 – Embroidery fun, Finishes, Rainbow Insomnia Progress, Listener Thank yous


Ready for binding!

Love my new Aurifil thread card!


  1. Thanks for giving these such a wonderful embroidery design tips.

  2. karillia says:

    hi Katie! Great episode, sorry you will be with out your machine for a week, thats gotta hurt. I would love to call and ask you something to be entered in to a drawing, i think that is a really good idea.

  3. Lots of good info Katie. My favorite techy thing I use for quilting is OneNote. It pains me to say that because I am NOT a Microsoft fan, however, this program is awesome. I take most of my fabric and quilting photos with my iPhone – only pull out the DSLR for those that I want to look decent. I have OneNote on my iPhone and iPad and my computer so it all syncs and the info is everywhere. So easy to add picts and info right from the phone. If I am in a store looking for a particular fabric for a project I can pull up my OneNote notebook to see what else I have. I also photograph patterns so I know how much fabric I need when shopping. Actually much of my brain is in my OneNote – quilting and not. I was a huge Day Runner fan for years and years. When I got my first “smartphone” I slowly moved from everything written to everything in my phone.

  4. I’m impressed at how much you learn on your own. Regarding your thread issue, I would agree that it is probably your thread. Sadly Sulky is my least favorite thread for embroidery.

    I agree there is a large learning curve with embroidery but the possibilities are endless. I look forward to hearing more of your learning adventures and projects.

  5. Hi Katie – I would also love to call in a question – I think it’s a great idea (sorry this comment is so late, I was just catching up on podcasts). Loved the photos from the Poochie Paddle. I wish there was something like that around here – I think my Lilly would love it! The dogs looked like they were having a ball!