Design Purchases

I went a little hog wild on the Embroidery Library website since they are having a fantastic sale right now and I purchased a bunch of stuff that was on my wish list.  The sale they are having lets you purchase any 10 designs for $10 so all your designs end up being $1 each!  It is a huge savings.  I had some designs in my wishlist that were $7 each or more so I saved a bunch there.

If you want to make a purchase use coupon code NoJoke10 once you’ve added your 10 designs to your cart. You can use it up to three times for three different purchases.

Expires on Sunday, April 1 at 11:59 pm, Central time.

Here are the designs I purchased since Marisa asked to see!!  Click on the photo to go to the link to purchase.

Towel Topper

I got quite a few oriental designs since I’d like to do a large quilt featuring various poses and also picked up some dog breeds.  Not pictured are some embossed designs that I got for minkee fabrics and towels.

I cleaned up!! What did you get with your coupon?


  1. OOOOoooo thanks Katie I think I will jump over there now and get some off my wish list too.

  2. These look great. Thank you for sharing!!

  3. You my friend, are a very bad influence 🙂 Headed over there now since I can’t sleep with this damn migraine! I shall let you know what I get. Oh! I started working on Scarlett’s banner tonight. Stay tuned….