Finished! Rainbow Insomnia and Black Floral WH

I finished the binding on Rainbow Insomnia over the weekend but didn’t have a chance to photograph it outdoors in proper light until tonight.  So here it is!! (I didn’t photograph the back as I need to put a new label on it and cover up the old one).

Rainbow Insomnia

Rainbow Insomnia

Rainbow Insomnia

Rainbow Insomnia

Rainbow Insomnia

Rainbow Insomnia

And the grass isn’t growing evenly which is why the border looks wavy. Just little dips in the grass.

I also finished this little wallhanging that was on my UFO list:

Black Floral Quilted Wallhanging

Black Floral Quilted Wallhanging

And here is my post for the 2012 Finish Along with Quilter in the Gap where I claimed I would finish the Black Floral by 3/31/2012! At least I got one UFO off the list done.


  1. They are both really beautiful! You should be feeling so proud!

  2. Oh my gosh! I am so in LOVE with that quilt! From the first time I glimpse it on your ironing board when you were rearranging. I am sooooo jealous wish I could make one that looked so good!!

  3. I just said wow to myself! It looks beautiful! I really really really really LOVE it! Now that UFO… is that appliqued? It looks amazing too! Good job, I can never catch up with you! 🙂

    • No the UFO is just a printed fabric panel. It looks impressive from far away. I’m going to hang it on my door at work.

  4. your corgi so wants to jump on that beautiful quilt and paw at it doesn’t he?

  5. Both quilting projects are beautiful. I think you should work with other “solid colored” projects. This one turned out gorgeous! Basil and Bernie made the photos POP with corgi awesomeness. 🙂

  6. Brenda F says:

    Gorgeous! No need to apologize for the grass growing unevenly. I’m impressed at how nice your grass looks. Between our dogs and the Minnesota winter, the grass isn’t nearly as nice! Seriously, I love the quilting that you did on the Rainbow Insomnia quilt is great. The straight lines really showcase the quilt.

    • Yeah we only have one area of our yard that the grass grows well in since it isn’t shaded. The rest of it is too shady to grow grass so it’s mostly sand and tree roots from the nearby pine trees.

  7. Tami in Denver says:

    Beautiful. You must be so proud!

  8. Love the black border!

  9. Simply stunning – I love it. Well done and enjoy it.

  10. Your Rainbow Insomnia quilt is BEAUTIFUL. WOW-O!

  11. I just love this and the colors you picked are perfect!! I would love to make this. You did an amazing job on it.

  12. I really love the colors and they are so pretty.

  13. It’s beautiful Katie – so are the Corgis! : )

  14. Your quilt is exquisite, Katie! I love the quilting on it and the way the embroidery showcases the colors! Well done!

  15. Both quilts are beautiful, but I just love that rainbow star quilt. And I love, love, love your Corgis -please give them a scratch for me 🙂


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