Give me your techy quilting tips!

I’m keeping an ear out!

For a future podcast I’d love to give a whole bunch of geeky, techy tips, notions, programs, etc. that you find helpful with your quilting and sewing projects!

Here are some topics to give you an idea as to what I’m looking for:

  • Great blogs full of tutorials, photos, quilty inspiration
  • Computer programs you find useful for sewing, quilting and embroidery
    • Remember these can be programs not specifically designated for sewing/quilting use!
  • iPhone or iPod apps you use constantly
  • Gadgets, tools, machines
  • Budget and spending tracking tips
  • How you photograph your projects and what geeky/techy tools you use there
  • Organization tools for fabric, projects and patterns

Comment below and I’ll read your tips in the podcast! Provide any links you find useful.


  1. I am a magazine addict and have a hard time cutting or tearing pages out of magazine and I’m out of room to keep magazines for more than 3 years so when the 3 years is up, I go through each magazine, tag any quilts or tips that I think I might want to make in the future, scan them to pdf and this way I save magazine rack space and when I want to look for a pattern–I just open up my computer and find the file where I keep and scroll to see which one I want to make and print the pattern.

  2. Oh and I should add that I don’t throw the magazines away, I donate them to the guild who in turn puts them on a table and offers them to anyone who wants to take it.

  3. Valerie Duff says:

    I just recently started following you… I’m a new quilter. I thought I remembered seeing on “Finish it Fridays” that you invited others to submit pics of their finishes but now I don’t seem to be able to find just how/where to do that. I’ve jsut finished my very first quilt and wanted to send in a picture…

  4. I think my most often used tool is my June tailor ruler that I can cut multiple strips at one time without moving the ruler. Zip, zip, zip and I have strips cut in whatever half inch increments I want. Bindings, borders whatever I love strips. is a link to see it but Joanne’s also sells them (coupon time:-)

    As for tech stuff, I love Evernote, a free note organizing app that stores files, PDFs ect and I can organize them, find them easily and gets synced to a cloud that I can acsess with any of my mobile devices or my pc. You can easily clip a web page – pattern, photo, tutorial, whatever and quickly tuck away for future reading or doing.

  5. Hmmm, I need to give this one some thought. I have a bunch of “techy” things I love. I’ll try and get you some ideas over the weekend 🙂

  6. EngrSandi says:

    I love this site that gathers craft tutorials:

  7. I use Evernote to save quilting tutorials/patterns/ideas that I find online as well as to save any digital patterns that I purchase. That way I never have to worry about blog posts being deleted or having to maintain a gazillion book marks — Evernote saves an entire copy of the item, not just a link to it. Also, it saves everything in the cloud so no matter what I will never lose the digital patterns I’ve purchased and I can access them from anywhere — there’s even an Evernote app for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad. It’s free though I have opted to pay for it to give me more upload space as I use it for a lot of other things as well (I save any recipes I find online in Evernote as well.)

    I use Flickr as my social-networking-for-quilters site. I am a member of many groups on Flickr, for everything from swaps to bees to fan groups for specific fabrics. The groups are great for asking questions and getting advice. The Flickr swaps I have participated in have been awesome and the bees I’ve been a member of have resulted in some long-term friendships along with some spectacular quilts. I’m a young modern quilter and that seems to be where all of the other quilters like me hang out. My favourite quilters are all on there and I follow their work via Flickr’s contacts system (kind of like friends on Facebook.) I also use Flickr to find photos of projects I want to make to see how others have interpreted them, to find photos of specific fabrics used in quilts, etc… I post photos of all of my projects there and get great feedback. If you’re curious my photostream is here.

  8. Lauretta6 says:

    I learned this weekend at a workshop to use a black marker on the end of your monofiliment thread to find it and to help it thread it the next time.