Rainbow Insomnia – quilting finished!!

I finished the quilting on Rainbow Insomnia last night.  I was going to wait until I put the binding on to show a final photo of the result but I just couldn’t wait any longer!

Here is the quilt before I quilted it:
Rainbow Insomnia - finished the quilting!

I love the light coming through the top:
Rainbow Insomnia - finished the quilting!

And now that I’m finished here it is after.  I’ll take better photos in natural light later – these are just straight out of my studio.  Hopefully you can see the detail ok.  I took a few closeup shots of the quilting.

Rainbow Insomnia - finished the quilting!

Rainbow Insomnia - finished the quilting!

Rainbow Insomnia - finished the quilting!

Rainbow Insomnia - finished the quilting!

Despite the numerous flaws that I can see in this quilt I’m completely and totally in love with it.

The colored parts of the star and the border were quilted using Aurifil clear monofiliment thread. I needed something that was going to completely blend in with all the colors and add texture without detracting from the colors being shown and the monofiliment was the perfect choice.  The black background areas were quilted using four different colors of 28 wt. Aurifil thread. I took a real gamble on doing the feathered birds and the scrollwork in the small triangles since I wasn’t sure it would fit the piece but I went with my gut and I’m so happy with the result.

I’ll make up a bunch of binding tonight and hopefully get it sewn on so I can begin sewing the back down by hand this week.


  1. Wow! Amazing quilt. Well done.

  2. this came out so good, you should be proud of this quilt:) your quilting choice is spot on – well done!

  3. I would give it a blue ribbon! Love!!!

  4. Forgot to say, something I love about this thread.. Great stitch definition!

  5. Oh it’s soooo beautiful! Great job Katie!!!!

  6. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gooorgeous! I love the way it came out with the quilting! It has such a modern feel with the colors and straight line quilting, yet I love the stitching in the black background squares! Great job! Thanks for sharing the picture!

  7. Gorgeous quilt; I love the feature quilting, I’m going to have to try that thread!

  8. Very pretty! Love it!

  9. Lovely – just lovely!! Marvelous quilting – love the star center!

  10. Marye Albritton says:

    OK, so what about that Aurifil?? What colors did you use? I thought it was a varigated but can’t totally tell. It is absolutely beautiful!

    • It’s hard to tell in my photos but there are 4 different colors of 28 wt. Aurifil used here. One is varigated, the others are solid colors. I really like the varigated a lot so I think I’ll be looking for more of that.

  11. This has come out very nicely!

  12. Tami in Denver says:

    It did come out so well. I’m glad you’ll be hanging it in your quilt room and can see it all the time. So pretty!

  13. Really beautiful! Well done Katie!

  14. It’s beautiful Katie. I’ve been quilting with monofilament thread since I started quilting. I’m hesitant to use anything else! You did a fantastic job on this quilt.

  15. Caroline says:

    Your rainbow is amazing – I love it. It has an Amish type feel but is so modern and bright. The quilting is brilliant, I love the combination of the straight lines and the embroidery ‘blocks’. Well done!

  16. That is a gorgeous quilt! And nobody but you will see the flaws!

  17. Very Nice! (& remember ‘galloping horses’)

  18. Very, very nice. If there are “flaws” as you say, I certainly do not see them! Awesome quilt!

  19. LOVE! This made me smile today. Thanks for sharing.
    – amy

  20. Your quilting plan worked very well! The quilt looks wonderful.

  21. Wow that came out so beautiful. I thought I would like it just by the colors, but your quilting makes it even more lovely. Great Job!

  22. Katie, this turned out beautifully! The embroidery quilting adds an kickin pop! You did an awesome job.

  23. Brenda F says:

    The top was beautiful, the quilting makes it striking. It is lovey and you did fabulous work!

  24. I love the colors and you did an amazing job with the quilt pattern choices. It really makes the entire quilt shine.

  25. my fav quilt of yours!

  26. Seriously one of the most beautiful quilts I have ever seen!! Gorgeous!


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