Saturday Morning Rant (Re: Pinterest)

I’m warning you: rant forthcoming.  This is somewhat related to my previous post in regards to Watermarking and Pinterest.

I’ve been reading some blogs lately and lots of people are leaving Pinterest and denying their blog subscribers the ability to pin any of their photos because they don’t like the current Terms of Use.  Bloggers are going as far as contacting Pinterest to remove any of their photos that have been used as pins and to block their site from being pinned any longer.  (If, for some reason, you are interested in doing this for your site read this post.)

Pinterest will be updating their Terms of Use come April due to some things being in there they never intended to be in there.

Then there is the other side of the coin which I am on.  Some bloggers are telling their readers they are Pinterest Friendly.

 I love Pinterest.  As a blogger I understand that I am putting my work out there for the world to see.  If I didn’t want people to see my work I wouldn’t have a blog. If I didn’t want people to possibly share my tutorials, quilts and corgi photography I wouldn’t post photos.

I also understand that posting any item on the internet ends up taking a certain risk of possible misuse.  If you don’t like that possibility get off the internet and unplug your computer.**

We live in a modern age where people can take a photo or video and it be uploaded to millions of people within seconds of it happening. It’s just the way the world is trending now. You either adapt and move on or you decide to not be a part of it.  I respect some bloggers decisions to not allow their {free} work and photographs to be posted on Pinterest but I personally don’t agree with it.  I took a look at the traffic that gets generated from pins that go to my site and it is nothing to sneeze at.  People want an easier way to share information and organize it visually and Pinterest has accomplished that task and then some.

You can embrace this change and make your blog and website Pinterest friendly which is what I’ve done, or, you can decide to not participate in social media.

I’m going as far as removing my subscription to some blogs because I don’t want to see a photo of a quilt or a cool tutorial and not be able to save it for future inspiration or reference. I don’t want to run some manual computer program just to organize my bookmarks. I also don’t want to infringe on another blogger in any manner, so, if you don’t want to participate in Pinterest I’m going to assume you aren’t really comfortable sharing your work to begin with and I don’t want to accidentally misuse your content and further twist your panties in a bunch.

The Accidental Musings blog has a very blunt post about the same thing.

Enjoy your weekend!

**Obviously I’m not referring to blatant copyright violations with people taking photographs straight from publications and/or professional photographers websites and posting them to Pinterest without permission. I’m referring to the blog content that people put out for free already. 


  1. I agree with your rant. I love pinterest and have found a lot of great ideas on there. I have pinned a lot of great ideas and am amazed to see how many people re-pin them. FUN

  2. I agree that I never understood why people were upset at having their work pinned as long as their blog was linked to the picture. I just read the updated terms of service and I’m hoping that they will make some of these people more comfortable. I personally consider it flattering when someone pins my work.

    • People are still not happy about it. I think they just don’t understand how social media works and what Pinterest does. One particular blogger who I won’t name told me this morning she didn’t see the reason to allow her stuff on Pinterest because she isn’t a member and when her stuff gets put on Pinterest they now own the photo.

      I just unsubscribed to her blog. Honestly, if you go that far that you don’t want to participate in social media at all it makes me wonder why you have a blog in the first place. You’re just creating extra work for yourself.

      I’m Team Pinterest all the way.

  3. BRAVO Katie!!!! Thank you for this! I was just telling my husband the same thing! If you don’t want your stuff “out there” then you better not blog it! You can always “Google it” and find the stuff anyway!

    • I know! I guess the disgruntled bloggers have never used “Google Image Search” or noticed that Google caches a version of your image and IT DOESN’T LINK BACK TO YOUR SITE ALWAYS EITHER. Hello???? No one got up in arms about that.

      People just don’t know how the internet works.

  4. Anna Lomasney says:


  5. Katie, I agree with you a 100%. I totally do not get the whole hoopla about pinning and not letting to pin. I am personally happy when I see people pinning the stuff I make or re-pin the things I like. Thanks to you now I’m putting watermark on my pictures whenever I can remember and it’s not 12AM when I’m posting :)) I will join you in un-subscribing from the blogs that have anti-pinning statements, the last thing I need is a lawsuit over a stupid pin!!

  6. I’ve left pinterest, not because I’m worried about my photos being pinned, because I’m not. My worry is that I’ll pin someone else’s work and that person causes problems for me.


  8. Tami in Denver says:

    Spot on, Katie! Why would you post something on the internet if you don’t want it posted on the internet!

    Good job respecting both sides.

  9. Tami in Denver says:

    Check out my “Things I admire” pinboard on pinterest! Tami In Denver

  10. Tami in Denver says:

    I like your idea for the next Balipop giveaway. I think it will inspire people to call in. Maybe if you repeat the question on the podcast and then answer it. People might feel better that their actual voice is not on the podcast. You could give the choice. Just some thoughts. Tami

    • Thanks Tami – I think I’m going to give the option to leave a comment if they don’t want to or can’t call in.

  11. Tami in Denver says:

    SeamedUp is “offline.” Do you know if this happens alot?

    • TechGoddess from SeamedUP here. We usually take the site down once a week to add new features or to fix bugs. We are working to make our downtime more convenient – like midnight on Fridays or Saturdays; but worse case it is usually Sunday mornings.

  12. Pinterest updated part of their policy today. When I want to repin someithing, I go back to the original site and pin from there. That way it is easy for people to find the source. If I were a blogger, I would love Pinterest for driving traffic to my site. I have found some amazing sites (like this one) through Pinterest.

    • Thanks Marianne! Welcome to KQC and thanks for taking the time to make sure your original pin has a good link on it. Not everyone does that.

  13. Katie, do you know you are amazing!
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading every word of your beautifully written rant.
    My kindest regards, Kate

  14. Hear hear!!! I think people should be flattered that others want to save or share their work. I admit I haven’t read all the details because I really have nothing to lose from anything anyone might share from my blog but glad some bloggers are going this route!

  15. Where do you find your sites? I split a gut reading Accidental Musing link… as for not linking the more a pic is re pinned the more likely the pin get broken…. but you can always find it eventually.

    I am with you …. if you do not want your stuff on the net… do not post pictures.. I always edit what I post . I do have to start putting watermarks on my pics if I want credit…. I just like sharing.



    • I know the more something is re-pinned the more it has potential to not link back to the original site which is why I encourage everyone to watermark ALL of their photos. Save yourself some grief if you’re really concerned about getting credit.

  16. Well, you may call it a “rant”, lol, I call it a timely post 🙂 With all the drama between Kate Spain and Carolina Patchworks/CT Publishing…this kind of stuff is going to be at the forefront more and more. It would be nice to see it addressed in a class format (either online via QuiltU or as an offering at some of the festivals) “How to Share Your Work Without Threat of Lawsuit” or something crazy like that. I suspect this is going to be a continual evolving area for the next several years. The good news is, maybe it will drive the interest of the lawyers and get them off medical malpractice for awhile and my premiums will go down, 🙂

    • Totally missed that Kate Spain drama – what’s going on there??

      I think the bloggers sharing their work aren’t the ones worried about being sued – they’re worried about their work being stolen either by Pinterest or another person.

  17. I agree.. people are being ridonk.. PLUS.. they fail to realize that pinterest’s TOS is very similar to any other site they use all the time without thinking about it.. like facebook, twitter, or anywhere else they post pics. People just need to take a chillaxative and calm the heck down..

  18. Both sides have some validity, and both sides are a little snide to the other one. I don’t do pinterest, but then I don’t do facebook or twitter or any of the other social media either. I think the main concern people have with pinterest is not with their things being posted with credits, but the fact that many repostings do not contain the credits. I’m not in it for money, but there are many artists whose work is pinned who ARE in whatever the field is for money. Like many other fusses over internet and social media, this, too, shall pass.


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