Wednesday Catchup

Neato format from Crafty Garden Mom!  I don’t have a whole lot going on since it’s turning out to be a busy week despite my machine being in the shop.

Been sewing this:

Binding time!

Made my own binding necklace! It worked great and kept my binding tangle-free.

Been buying this:

Metro Embroidery Thread 1000m spools

and this:

100 yards of tearaway stabilizer – $19.99!!

and this:

and this:

Curio Layer Cake by Basic Grey for Moda – $26 on

Been watching this:

Been listening to this:

This American Life – Episode 460 – RETRACTED

The Nerdist Podcast Episode 182 featuring Neal Patrick Harris

Been reading this on my Nook:

Hunger Games Trilogy – Gotta prep for the movie premier Friday!!

Been cleaning this:

Garage got cleaned out and reorganized!

Bernie says hi!

The world looks better upside down



  1. Are you sure you can’t fit in a few more thing this week? Lol!
    Loved Hunger Games! Hope I get to see the movie soon!

    • I bought my tickets a few weeks ago and I can’t wait for Friday!! We’re sitting in the “fancy” section with reserved leather seats and waiters. Trying to distance myself from the screaming teenyboppers.

  2. Love your hat, especially since I married a chicano(that was the seventies) on St Patrick’s Day. Sorry your machina is in the shop. My sad sis has to wait up to 4 weeks to get hers back.

  3. I LOVE your new invention (binding necklace) Aren’t you CLEVER!

    • I’ve seen fancy ones for sale but I’m not gonna pay money for that when I can make it myself just as easily!

  4. The binding necklace looks like a good use of empty thread spools.
    What’s wrong with your sewing machine (the one in the repair shop)?
    I love you! Hugs!!

    • My sewing machine threading hook broke off so I took it in for repair. They did some other adjustments too for thread tension so I’m hoping it works beautifully tonight!

  5. Ann McGee says:

    Hi Katie. I love, love, love the embroidery you did on the Lone Star. It’s really beautiful. You may just convince me to give machine embroidery a try!