WIP Wednesday

In Progress: 

Rainbow Insomnia

Rainbow Insomnia – I’m making binding for it now. Binding has been cut and sewn together, I’m just ironing it all in half. I think I’m going to sew on my first quilt sleeve to it. I usually use hanging triangles for my projects but I’m trying to get away from that for larger ones.

Tips on how you hang your smaller projects would be appreciated! I was thinking of getting a little cafe rod with those clips I see lots of people use.  I want to minimize quilt damage. I’m toying with the thought of entering this piece into a show in November.

Black Floral Panel Wallhanging

Black Floral UFO – Some of the black binding leftover from Rainbow Insomnia will be used to bind and finish this old UFO! I’ll be excited to get this one finished finally. I’m going to use it for my Spring Door contest at work.

It isn’t trimmed up yet but at least the quilting is finished. I have lots of this panel fabric leftover – not sure what I’m going to do with it yet. I’m not even sure I want to keep it!

Twin Size Doggie Quilt Commission: I’ve redesigned it a bit in EQ7 and I decided to go with 10″ blocks instead of 12″. I think it’ll make the background fabric easier to cut even though I end up with more blocks.  All my charms are cut for the corners of the snowball blocks. I’ll pick out a border fabric once the center is finished and I see how it looks.

I’ve hired a digitizer to make the doggie applique embroidery files for me to make my life easier. Four different breeds will go into the design and I’ll also intersperse some hearts and butterflies throughout the quilt.

St. Patricks Day Hat: All the cording is wrapped I just need to sew it together and attach the shamrocks! I’ll probably do that tomorrow.

I brought another bag of scraps with me to wrap onto cording at work so I can start getting an extra stock of bowls built up for gifts and to sell if I want. It’s a fun lunchtime activity while I watch Hulu on my iPhone.


  1. Both of your quilted projects are LOVELY! Our guild is having its biannual show this weekend and we were told that anything larger than a mini quilt, maybe 24″, needed a hanging sleeve sewn to it. So, if you’re going to put it in a show, you might need a sleeve later.

    • Yeah my guild makes us use a specific sleeve that we have to purchase from them that has velcro on it so I’ll have to sew ANOTHER sleeve on it if I enter it. Not thrilled about that but it is what it is.

  2. Gorgeous projects! That Rainbow Insomnia is just stunning! Good luck finding a way to hang it. I just sent off a 30 inch “mini” for a swap that had triangle corners. Ooops.

  3. Wow, Rainbow Insomnia is amazing!!

  4. Love that Rainbow Insomnia. There’s something about a rainbow of colours shifting, isn’t there?

    Wonderful quilts and projects!

  5. Rainbow Insomnia is fantastic! Great color choices and quilting.

  6. Your rainbow insomnia is wonderful. the quilting makes it just pop. To hang my large quilts i use a dowel and command hooks. The rod just rests on the hooks and when i want to move it, its easy peasy.

  7. Your Rainbow Insomnia quilt is gorgeous! I love the color placement and the quilting!

  8. Your Rainbow insomnia quilt is stunning – such beautiful quilting!!

  9. Katie, Rainbow Insomnia is stunning! You really should think about entering it in some sort of competition. Absolutely beautiful!!!!