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41 – Juanita Yeager, Swap Blocks, Leftovers, New Toy

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  1. Thanks so much for sending me an E-Mail; made my day.

    I’m glad that you enjoyed the jelly-roll face quilt. I’ve done two now and liked the results. I’ve seen some with borders that are great; I’ve been cheap and just done it the size that it comes out after the last seam is sewn.

    My best friend’s 50th birthday was this weekend at her brother’s house. You would have liked it; there were three light brown/white Corgis and one very patient German Shepherd. My friend was duly appreciative of the “Texas Two-Step” lap quilt that I made for her in the same “Bittersweet” line that you used for your quilt.

    All the best.

    All the

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