Block placement and a label

Last night I did some multitasking! I stitched out a quilt label for one of my blog followers and while that was going on the Topaz 20 I took my blocks for my commission quilt and started laying them out.  I don’t have a design wall so they end up on my floor in my dining room/sitting area (after I vacuum of course).

My layout was planned in Electric Quilt 7 and I sketched in the embroidered blocks to see how I’d like it.  I didn’t want the embroidery to overpower the quilt and make it too busy so I did it on an inner square area.  Once I get the outer border on I think it’ll look really sharp.

These blocks are my snowball blocks that I recently did a tutorial for.

The tan I used was a Kona solid (I think the color was Camel or something) for the centers.  I didn’t want white and I didn’t want a black for the inside.  I originally planned a cream but I think I like the tan better! I also have 3 leftover blocks. I might turn those into pillows if I can figure out how to make one.  I’ve never made a pillow. Send me your favorite easy pillow tutorial!

The label turned out beautiful.  I’m putting interfacing on the back so it can be easily fused and then hand stitched to the quilt back.  (That black line is just a basting stitch, it gets removed with all the jump stitches).

The more I use Metro Embroidery Thread the more impressed I get with it.  So glad I stumbled across it.  It has saved me a ton of money, truly! If you are interested in purchasing a quilt label from me just contact me for a quote.

I popped the peacock into a frame after much finangling. I still need to open it up and scootch it over to the left a bit.  I love what the frame adds to it though.

Last night I vaccumed some leaves in my front yard with a new leaf blower/vac that I purchased.  Wow was my back hurting after that! I officially hate oak trees. I’m trying to prep my front lawn to lay down some grass seed since there are lots of bare patches that need to be filled in.

The leaf vac worked really well. There are still some areas I’m going to have to rake though. Darn pine needles.


  1. Love the doggie quilt! I think it would look great with a larger dog silhouette in a center block as well. Will have to think about something like that to memorialize my late & much loved JRT. Feel your pain about the leaves & needles. I always thought I wanted a lot with lots of trees, until I got one.

  2. Tami in Denver says:

    I still like your layout. Maybe a narrow black border before your final border? You sure are prolific!

    • I think I’m gonna do one black border around it to really frame all the scrappy colors. I’m gonna take the top to the quilt shop with me and test out a few.

  3. Karen In NC says:

    Hi Katie,
    Pillows are super easy. There is a VERY detailed written tutorial for a pillow (with a zipper) over on the House On Hill Road blog. I use it everytime I make a pillow.

  4. look nice Katie. Here is the tutorial I used for my first pillow. It is a video from crafty gemini. I like how she shows how to make one for any size pillow rather than just a standard size.

  5. I love your dog quilt! Nice blocks (tan ones) to do some FMQ. Maybe dog bones?

  6. Love that label! If the quilt I am working on weren’t so time critical I would be sorely tempted to order a label for it.

  7. I like how you combined the embroidery so that it added to the effect of the quilt. Many times I have seen embroidery done in a way that is distracting or doesn’t even relate to the quilt. You have a nice balance. Also, Art Gallery Fabrics designer Bari J has a great pillow tutorial to check out.

  8. I really like how your embroidery turned into a picture. I think it looks stunning in that white frame, it’s look nice on your wall! 🙂