Border Anxiety and Weekend Finishes

So I finished stitching all my blocks together on the snowball quilt late Saturday evening. It’s always nice when good movies are on the premium channels so you can get lots done without having to find something to be on in the background! Water for Elephants is on HBO now so I watched the last half of that while finishing the quilt center.

I was thrilled when I measured the quilt and it came out exactly to what I designed in EQ7 (60 x 70)!  I debated what type of border to put on it and finally decided I’m going to conquer my mitered border fear and just go for it. I’m making things easy for myself and just doing a single fabric.  It is a black fabric that has sort of a textured look to it – I think it will frame this quilt nicely and not come off really flat.

I got as far as cutting the border strips from my yardage and pinning one side before I had to leave for a little shopping excursion. By the time I got home I was too tired to work on the quilt or do anything else so I relaxed and then went to bed early.

Here is the mitered border tutorial I’m using to try and attempt mitered borders for the first time:

Saturday I also finally sewed up some curtain tie backs so I don’t have to knot my curtains out of the way when I want some extra light.

The pink fabric has to be a valentines fabric because it has white scrolly hearts all over it. You can’t really see it though so it matches with the pink in the curtains. It was the closest match I had so I used it up!

I sewed these just hemming the outsides with a 1.5″ hem and then doubling them over.  I added buttonholes so I could slip them onto the hooks. They aren’t fancy but they work just fine for me!

Embroidery people – Are you doing the Hoopsisters 2012 Mystery Quilt? I’m thinking about doing it. I’m more than thinking about it… I’m probably going to do it. It begins in June 2012 and I think continues for six weeks after that. It sounds fun and you get a whole boatload of in-the-hoop quilt block designs.  Yes I know, I have Bonnie Hunter’s mystery quilt to finish and one of Kimberly Einmo’s mysteries to also finish but that’s ok. I don’t have an embroidery mystery quilt project yet!

On the weekends I’m usually up first since the hubby gets to sleep in so I end up feeding the corgis.  Sometimes I delay feeding them for a few minutes doing some other things.  Bernie gives me the disgruntled look when any delay occurs before her mealtime.

This is her disgruntled look. She also barks a lot until I feed her. It was an extreme challenge while my husband was working night shift to keep her quiet in the morning. I got to where I’d check my e-mail before feeding her and she would insist on being carried to her food bowl or she would bark at me the whole way there.

And a cute video for you of mister Byron:


  1. You know how I agonize over borders :-0

    I think a mitered border will work well. It will echo the main attraction of the quilt, that angle, and frame it nicely. Good Luck!

  2. Love your snowball quilt. I think the black border will really bring out the embroidery.

    I so know the disrgruntled doggie look. My spoiled baby gives me the same look. Madison doesn’t howl at her toys, she is a toy FREAK, but she makes this weird growling, grunting noise with plastic squeak toys. Like she gets mad at them for squeaking – VERY strange and she only does it with plastic squeak toys. We have started to just not give them to her.

  3. What a cute video of Byron – adorable! The snowball quilt looks fantastic too!

  4. Hi Katie,

    I have been listening to your podcasts over the last few weeks and got caught up over the weekend; Hurray!

    I love hearing about your dogs and hearing them yipping as you talk. My mom has two Corgis; Maggie is too submissive to do agility but Mick is feisty and wants all the attention on him, so Mom is working with him in a class. He has not done a trial yet, since he just turned two and Mom had to work through some health issues of her own, but we are hoping. My husband and I have two cats and two teenagers [one of whom is named Katie]; we are not responsible enough for a dog!

    I enjoyed your jelly roll race pix; I have used that same fabric for a “Texas Two Step” pattern by Teri Atkinson and may use it for Cozy Quilt’s “Roman Stripes” pattern.

    I also enjoyed the post on not competing; I am trying to slow down and tighten up my 1/4 inch precision.

    All the best.

    • Tell your mom good luck with agility! Corgis are always fun to watch no matter what they end up doing in a trial.

      A pat on the back for working on your 1/4″ seam and slowing down – it’ll make a big difference!

  5. LOVE the snowball quilt!
    My black lab Nemo sings along, LOUDLY, when my husband practices his trombone.

  6. Thanks for posting about the Hoopster’s mystery quilt. I will definitely check it out.

  7. Hi Katie, Bernie is just so funny! I love Byron’s singing, maybe you guys so take him out to do some karaoke 😀 It was good to finally see your husband to put a face to the name!