Commission progress!

I fit in about an hour of sewing time last night and stitched out some of my new designs! The test stitch out went so well I started embroidering my blocks.

Here is my Labradoodle test stitch:

I loved how my digitizer made the coat curly! This was a tricky one and I wasn’t sure how she was going to do it. I loved how it turned out! He stitched out perfectly.  She has been such a joy to work with through this whole process. If you need custom digitizing I highly recommend Whitney @ That’s SEW Grammie!I picked out the blocks that I wanted to do applique in the middle of and ironed them so a crease would be in the middle and I could center the design easily.  I got two labradoodles and a chihuahua done before I went to bed.  Pretty good work for a little over an hour!

I have 14 blocks to put applique on and then I can start assembling the top. Still don’t have a border fabric picked out yet.  I want to look at the top all together before I settle on one.

While these stitch out on the embroidery machine I’m sewing together my half-square triangle leftover units on the Singer 201-2. Not sure how much I’m going to get done this weekend but I’m hoping to get some time in tomorrow morning and Sunday afternoon.

Tomorrow is the last day to enter the Bali Pop Giveaway!  I’m going to have a fantastic podcast episode answering everyones questions – some of you asked some real doozies!


  1. These are looking great. Love the designs, even if they are dogs. These are taking a very long time, making this an expensive quilt. Of course, in full color there’s no replacement for the embroidery, but for these silhouettes, I think regular machine applique would be faster. ‘Course, that large maroon design I did this week took me an hour (after it was cut out)!

    • Actually these stitch out faster and more accurately than what I can do by hand on my machine. The steps to do machine embroidery are faster than what you have to do when you do it by hand. I don’t have to trace a design on heat-n-bond, I don’t have to cut it out, I don’t have to fuse it to fabric and I don’t have to hand guide my fabric under the machine to stitch down the applique.

      The slowest part of doing applique with machine embroidery is trimming the fabric away when it gets stitched down to the block.

      The three I did in an hour were because I got interrupted a few times. While the final satin stitch is going I can do something else so I’m not sitting at my machine the whole time. I was sewing up another quilt while this one stitched out my applique!

      In the end it will save me money since it is saving me time! I’ll be able to do more of them too.

    • Oh and I guess I did 4 designs total since I didn’t include the test block that I did in my calculation. 🙂 15 minutes for a finished applique design isn’t bad in my book!

  2. Zina (Z Any Mouse) says:

    That is really cute. I have an embroidery machine that I am not using to it’s fullest potential. I need to get with the program and sign up for a class.