Finally some weekend sewing!

I managed to get quite a bit done this weekend which hasn’t happened for a while! Between guild meetings, quilt show meetings, husband duty and other stuff my weekends haven’t left a lot of sewing time.  Here is what I got done:

A new label for Rainbow Insomnia!

I designed this in Stitch Era Universal a few weeks ago and hadn’t had a chance to stitch it out.  Since I was busy trimming bonus triangles from my snowball blocks I thought I’d just let my machine stitch it out.  It came out perfect! I love the frame.  I sewed it over the crappy label that was quilted into the quilt so you can’t see it anymore.  Lettering does much better in the SEU program.

I stitched on a t-shirt for the first time using my embroidery machine!
The results were less than stellar but for a first try it’s not bad.  The heart tore through the shirt since the density of the design didn’t scale down when I made the design smaller.  The things you learn through mistakes! It’s ok though I think I can patch it.  Doubt anyone will notice.

The Corgis were quite supportive of my sewing weekend
Bernie loves to sleep on my floor while I’m doing stuff and Byron is in his favorite vantage point at the doorway so he can leap up to check out stuff in case someone makes noise in the living room.

Speaking of bonus triangles…
I sewed all of the bonus triangle sets I cut from my snowball blocks and now I’ve got to trim them all apart since I chain pieced all of them while watching a movie. Then I’ll iron and trim them to a uniform size! I think this top will be my charity quilting top that I donate for the guild auction in November. Maybe I can use it to practice my quilting on my embroidery machine too.  I got well over 150 HST units all together. It’ll be a nice sized top when I’m done.

Almost out of Aurifil thread on Betty

Isn’t that the saddest thing? Thankfully I’ve got three brand new spools waiting to be opened once this one runs out.  I sewed up all my snowball blocks on my Singer 201-2 “Betty” while my embroidery machine was doing stuff.  Love her straight stitch!

Did you enter my giveaway yet for some Bali Pops?? I’d love to hear about what you got done this weekend!


  1. What is the difference between a Singer 201 and a Singer 221? Are they both Featherweights? Such a cute little thing.

    • A Singer 201-2 is quite a beast! It weighs about 30 lbs and it only does a straight stitch. The throat area is pretty big – you can fit two coke cans side by side in it.

      The Featherweight is quite a bit smaller since it was made to be more portable. The throat area on the Featherweight is also smaller.