Goings on

I had the full intention of publishing the next podcast episode on Sunday but things just didn’t turn out like I thought they would. I recorded on my laptop and the recordings came out sounding kind of echoy and tinny (I think it’s my sewing room) on top of this my husband didn’t realize I was recording and riled the dogs up for a good 30-40 minutes in the living room so you couldn’t hear me talk over their barking.  Apparently my sewing room is an echo chamber.

So, after three hours of recording and trying to edit the sound I gave up and decided I’ll have to redo it.  I’m going to record a regular episode with updates and then do a separate recording with all my answers from the giveaway post.

Jan was my giveaway winner thanks to Random.org picking comment #18!  She was a call in person so you’ll hear my answer to her question on the podcast.

After the whole podcast fiasco/failure I decided to console myself with an embroidery stitch out and used one of my new designs that I purchased on sale.  I can’t tell you what it is going to end up as yet since that might ruin the surprise but I’ll show you how it turned out (camera phone photo):

This is the Paisley Peacock design from Embroidery library.  I got the large version since it fit in my 8 x 10 hoop.  I love paisley and I’m really into peacocks lately so it worked out perfectly! I managed to match the thread colors from my stash using Metro Embroidery thread.Over 102,000 stitches are in this design and there are 25 thread changes total.  I only had a few hiccups while stitching it out thankfully.  At one point my machine decided to just start stitching through the thread change colors and not stop so I had to shut it off and turn it back on to see if it would fix it. It isn’t good when you’ve got pink thread in an area that is supposed to be blue! Rebooting my machine fixed it.

While this was stitching out I did some sewing on my Singer 201-2 and also installed a ribbon holder shelf that I’m using to hold my stabilizer.  Michaels was having a sale over the weekend where all of their scrapbooking organizer stuff was 50% off so I grabbed this wall ribbon shelf hoping it would work for my stabilizer. I love it!

It fit my big roll of tearaway stabilizer above that I have some thin cutaway stabilizer. I had extra room so I grabbed all the ribbon I could find and put it up there too.  Above the shelf I plan on storing the big cones of thread that I don’t have a holder for yet until I outgrow that.

I’m nearly done with all my blocks for the Scrappy Trip Around the World swap – I have to do one replacement because one was too small and then I can mail out both packages.  A podcast listener requested a quilt label so I’m making her one on my embroidery machine. I have a quilt guild board meeting this weekend and I’m still making progress on commissions. Busy busy! I need more hours in my day.


  1. Love how the design stitched! I am sorry about the podcast issues, but I know you’ll figure it out. You’re a very knowledgeable and smart woman! =)

  2. Your embroidered peacock took my breath away…..:o)

  3. That is just stunning!

  4. The peacock is beautiful!! Makes me really miss my embroidery machine!!

  5. Beautiful embroidery!

  6. Pretty peacock! I forget that you can do other things while these stitch out. I want a rod large enough to hold my roll of batting, but, alas, have no wall space for it, so I guess I’ll have to continue to haul it to my ironing board for measuring and cutting.

  7. Wow, Katie! The embroidered peacock is stunning. I can’t believe that you only got into embroidery a short while ago. Your results are beautiful.