The Pressure to Get a Finish


Last year in March a blog post came out regarding “The Dumbing Down of Quilting” and I responded in my podcast from the viewpoint of being a beginner quilter. I haven’t listened to that episode lately but I can vaguely remember not agreeing with what she said because I thought quilters of all levels should be accepted and be celebrated for quilting no matter what they feel like doing. I still feel that way to an extent but I must also {Read More}

Trimming Blocks and a New Toy


I’m trimming 168 half square triangle units that are leftover from my snowball block fun. Not my favorite thing.  But I know I’ll be glad I did it when I go to sew them all into a quilt top. They came out various sizes from my snowball block trimmings so I’m squaring them all down to 4″. I think it’ll make a decent sized quilt top when I’m done. More than likely it’ll be my charity quilt to donate to {Read More}

Swap Item reveal and a jelly roll race quilt


My swap partner for the Ugly Fabric Swap Part 2 received her item so I can reveal what it was now! I picked up a black messenger bag and did some embroidery on top. I think the little dolls turned out cute! I thought the name would be bigger but at least it didn’t come out looking wonky.  My partner was pleased with her item so that makes me happy. Since the last podcast I got a wild hair and decided to {Read More}

Finally some weekend sewing!


I managed to get quite a bit done this weekend which hasn’t happened for a while! Between guild meetings, quilt show meetings, husband duty and other stuff my weekends haven’t left a lot of sewing time.  Here is what I got done: A new label for Rainbow Insomnia! I designed this in Stitch Era Universal a few weeks ago and hadn’t had a chance to stitch it out.  Since I was busy trimming bonus triangles from my snowball blocks I {Read More}

Snowball Block Tutorial & Bonus Triangle Ideas


I’m doing a bunch of snowball blocks for a new quilt top and I thought I’d share my method.  Snowball blocks normally have smaller corner triangles but I wanted more color in my quilt so mine are bigger.  If you want more of the “rounded” corner illusion in your top then make your corners smaller in relation to your background square. The basic idea is the same to sew both of them up. Tools you will need: Background fabric square. {Read More}