Snowball Block Tutorial & Bonus Triangle Ideas

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I’m doing a bunch of snowball blocks for a new quilt top and I thought I’d share my method.  Snowball blocks normally have smaller corner triangles but I wanted more color in my quilt so mine are bigger.  If you want more of the “rounded” corner illusion in your top then make your corners smaller in relation to your background square. The basic idea is the same to sew both of them up.

Tools you will need:

  1. Background fabric square. Mine is 10.5″ but you can make it larger or smaller depending on your preference.
  2. Corner squares – I used 5″ charms since I had a bunch to use up but if you want something smaller I think a 2.5″ or 3″ square would work well with a block this size and give yo the “snowball” effect.
  3. Rotary cutter
  4. Add-a-quarter rulerI found that this sped up my trimming process a lot!
  5. Index card or a card from a magazine
  6. Marking pens for both light and dark fabrics – I used a Pilot Frixion pen for my light fabrics and a water soluable chalk pencil for my darks and batiks. Pilot Frixion pens mark fabric well and disappear with the heat of an iron. See my post where I test it on video!



Lots of finished blocks on the design wall!

Now once you trim your corners on the back of your block you are going to end up with a stack of bonus triangles! Here are some ideas for those.


  1. Great ideas. I like the fact that I’d get such nice sized extra hst from this version. =)

  2. karillia says:

    Nice tutorial, i really like the idea about using an index card and the 1/4 ruler.


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