Trimming Blocks and a New Toy

I’m trimming 168 half square triangle units that are leftover from my snowball block fun. Not my favorite thing.  But I know I’ll be glad I did it when I go to sew them all into a quilt top.


They came out various sizes from my snowball block trimmings so I’m squaring them all down to 4″. I think it’ll make a decent sized quilt top when I’m done. More than likely it’ll be my charity quilt to donate to the guild this year for our auction in November.   All proceeds from the auction go to the local Homeless Women Veteran’s association.

I need a bigger design wall!

Also I have a new toy (thank you Tracy!)


A serger! It arrived yesterday and I managed to get it threaded and do one test seam before my husband dragged me to dinner. Threading the lower looper portion was quite an adventure. I have some skirt patterns that I’ve been saving to try out and I think I might make myself some cute skirts now.

I’ve never made a single piece of clothing in my life but if I can do free motion quilting why should a skirt scare me? What’s the worst that can happen?

My husband is excited that I might finally teach myself how to hem his dress pants so he doesn’t have to see a tailor anymore. I just need to pick up a blind hem foot for my serger and I’ll be in business hemming like a pro! The whole house might end up with curtains at this pace.

Don’t forget to enter the Bali Pop giveaway!  I’ve been getting some fantastic questions both in the comments and on my Google Voicemail. It will be a fun episode!


  1. OOH, Katie, you will have so much fun with the serger! I haven’t used mine in a long time, but there is a lot you can do with it. Conga-rats on the new toy!

  2. I hate trimming blocks as well which is why I am not precise enough to be a good patchwork quilter (sigh) enjoy your new toy – you will need a bigger studio if this keeps up:)

  3. I actually don’t mind trimming blocks. I think of how wonderful they will be later. =) Of course, I also don’t trim 168 at one time! What block are you going to use them in? I figured out you could make 18 blocks that are just HST, like the scrappy triangles I won in the lotto group.

    dezertsuz at gmail

  4. Oh, how I envy You for your serger! If I could get my hands on one, I would be so excited! 🙂 Have fun and enjoy it!