Opinions Needed! Border Quandary


Well I finished adding the remaining rows to “Leftovers” tonight and I’m completely torn on whether it needs a border or not. I can see how it could benefit from one but I also think it would look nice without one with the right binding. Right now it measures 39″ x 53″ by itself. Please vote! – I decided on a border! See the results. [poll id=”2″]

You Get What You Pay For

A rumor has been floating around the quilting boards regarding rotary blades and how cheaply you can replace them with carpet cutting blades from Harbor Freight.  HF sells the blades for about $2 for a 2 pack. I tried this along with a few other quilters and had a dreadful experience. The blades fit in a 45mm cutter no problem. Use them to cut though and you’ll find they don’t cut the fabric cleanly (leaving uncut areas like a nicked {Read More}

Doggie Quilt Finish!


It was finally dry enough today to hang the quilt up and take some photos.  This is a twin size quilt. Mitered borders. The back was pieced using doggie fabrics that I had on hand and some strip twist orphan blocks.

Leftovers – the quilt


I’ve been working on the HST units leftover from the snowball block quilt (see tutorial here).   Each block was trimmed down to 4″ square. Since I’m going pretty scrappy with this and not planning based on value or color it’s coming together quickly. My progress as of last night: Three more rows on the right and I’ll be done with the main part! Hoping it’ll be ready for borders tonight. And here is my design plan that I drew {Read More}

44 – I visit Sarasota, clean my sewing room, finish a big quilt and much more


We visited Yoder’s Restaurant, Alma Sue’s Quilts and the Ringling Museum. Here is that “special exhibition” I talked about with the vintage quilts that I didn’t care for. Photos from Yoder’s and Alma Sue’s quilt shop: My dinner  

Free Pattern Friday – Pillows and Piping

pillow finished

New reader Sheryl e-mailed me this week with some great video tutorials she uses for piping and a suggestion on how to make my first pillow cover.  Her suggestions prompted me to look for some other pillow tuts and I thought I’d share the piping videos since I thought they were very helpful. Slipcover Pillow Tutorial by Raechal Myers Pillow with invisible zipper enclosure by  Sew Katie Did And of course a Quilted Pillow Cover by Freckled Whimsy And now {Read More}

On the Home stretch


The twin quilt is nearly complete. I trimmed it up last night and measured it to find out I needed an additional 40 or so inches of binding. I overcompensated just in case and added about 120 inches because you never know! Everything is setup and ready for me when I walk in the door after work tonight. I do need to pickup a few more boxes of Shout Color Catchers for when I wash this thing. I used so {Read More}

Quilt progress, embroidery project, new page and a card game review


I finished quilting the monster quilt yesterday and now I’ve gotta trim and measure it to make sure I have enough binding. I hope to get the trimming done tonight and make any extra binding that I might need. Yesterday I had a few designs to stitch out while I worked on some other things.  Here is one of them for Towel Day: I love Douglas Adams and my husband is a huge fan too so I wanted to make {Read More}

Jelly Roll Race Quilt Revealed!


Mom got her quilt in the mail today so I can finally reveal pictures of the finished quilt.  I think it turned out very nice! The border is fabric I had in my sewing studio and I thought it matched the jelly roll rather nicely.  This jelly roll was called “Bittersweet”.

One down, one to go!


I finished my mother’s quilt on Sunday and it will go out in the mail today.  Once she receives it I’ll share photos! Quilting on my embroidery machine was very time consuming but it made a beautiful quilt. I used a simple design file to make the label. Big Dreams Embroidery has an applique squares file so I put a small square inside a big one and added lettering to create a nice frame.  I think it turned out beautifully! {Read More}