Denim Bibs

Lots of ladies around me are having babies and since I live in Florida a quilt isn’t always the most practical gift… not to mention it seems pregnant women are always gifted a ton of blankets anyway….

So I was browsing some tutorials on how to make bibs and found this really neat one: In Praise of Denim Bibs – 

I didn’t have a bib to trace so here is the Printable Template that I Used – PDF

I was inspired! I have a bunch of denim waiting to be turned into a rag quilt but I thought this was a fun way to make some cute things quickly.  It wasn’t as quick as I thought but still, they turned out really cute!

I have lots more I’ll be making and I’ll be trying out various things on the top. I think my first two turned out cute!


  1. very cute! As the mom of a boy who was VERY drooly as a child bibs are always a great gift!

  2. You have given me a great idea….our next guild challenge is to recycle something. We are calling it before and after. I will try to use an old pair of jeans. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Tami In Denver says:

    Oh my, they did turn out cute! What fun. A nice little quickie, immediate gratification project to get your juices flowing!

  4. I absolute love these – the shape, the ribbon and embroidery, even the linings you used. Thanks for sharing the idea.