One down, one to go!

UntitledI finished my mother’s quilt on Sunday and it will go out in the mail today. Β Once she receives it I’ll share photos! Quilting on my embroidery machine was very time consuming but it made a beautiful quilt.

I used a simple design file to make the label. Big Dreams Embroidery has an applique squares file so I put a small square inside a big one and added lettering to create a nice frame. Β I think it turned out beautifully!

Sunday I pin basted the twin size doggie commission quilt using the Sharon Schamber method of basting. If you haven’t tried her method yet I highly recommend it. Β It’s much better than crawling around on the floor. She does it with thread (I haven’t tried this yet) but I do mine with pins and it works just fine for me.


JoAnns has a longarm section now so I picked up the magnetic bowl and I keep all my safety pins in it for basting. It’s so nice to have! You can get a cheap magnetic bowl or tray from Amazon. Basting this quilt took about 90 minutes total. I propped up my iPhone and watched an episode of Grey’s Anatomy while working away on it.


Last night I started quilting the monster! I’m just doing some free motion quilting loops in a beige thread. Since this has so much applique on the top I didn’t want to use my embroidery machine to quilt it. So far it’s going quite well! I’m going to quilt the black borders with black thread.

I always have my sewing buddies:




  1. Great interview with your friend about her longarm. You’ve got great interview questions. Please keep them coming.
    Victoria – Peacebrook Quilting Podcast

    • Katie,

      I absolutely love the label you made….much better than the bubble jet printing onto fabric that I do.


      I’m gald you liked the podcast. Katie is a natural when it comes to interviewing. I listen to your podcast as well so I was very pleased to see your comments here.


  2. Aw… cute pups, and cute quilt!!

  3. Katie, I loved your podcast! Longarming is really close to my heart, guess we all have that dream to own a longarm one day πŸ™‚ It was so good to hear from Tracy and have an idea how everything goes. I watched the videos you linked in, thanks for sharing? I didn’t catch what kind of board to aim for at the hardware store? I have that big for me quilt to baste and I keep putting it off, this method might just help to get over myself πŸ™‚ I also signed up to Wendy’s machine quilting class on craftsy and She has an awesome basting method also. If you haven’t signed up to any classes with them yet, they have all of them on sale for $14.99, check them out! Love the picture of the puppies, Bernie’s pose is just hilarious with her legs behind her πŸ™‚

    • The boards are called trim boards. They should be found in the same section of the hardware store as the dowels and moulding. I got two lengths for mine and attached a hinge in the middle so I can fold it and put it away when it isn’t in use (plus it fit in my car that way). You can lightly sand the edges or do what I did and just put some blue painters tape to prevent the fabric from snagging.

      I got enough to do a 90″ wide quilt I believe. Anything bigger than that I figured I’d just longarm.

      • Thanks, putting a hinge is a great idea. I have a painter in the house, so I’d just let him do the job for me πŸ™‚ I think I’ll make him paint with semi-gloss or satin finish so it doesn’t snag. Thanks for the advice!

  4. Your quilt label looks awesome, I’m sure your Mom will love it!

    • She is so excited – I think she might get her quilt in the mail today. I hope so!

      • Hope She’ll post a picture of it on facebook πŸ™‚ Her puzzle looked awesome!

      • I hope she will! I took photos of it before it left but I don’t want to post them until she opens it since she reads my blog. She said my teaser posting of the quilt label drove her crazy!

  5. LOL, I can imagine! Now I just have to keep my fingers crossed for her to get it sooner than later! Dying to see the pics! πŸ™‚

  6. Hi Katie, QuilterinMotion here. Thanks for stopping by the blog. I wanted to mention that anyone wanting the magnetic bowl can find it at a Harbor Freight store for less than $2.00. It’s for mechanics to put bolts,etc. in. It’s silver but who cares?
    I’m interested in your podcasts so will be checking that out.

    I have a Reddit question for you. Should I ask it here?

  7. I had never heard of Reddit before I saw the group on Swap-bot. Thanks for approving me for the group, but I don’t qualify. I’m not a Reddit member—that’s why I didn’t know what the Reddit name was!!!! Must be to be part of that group I imagine? Sorry. I still have signed up for your blog posts, though. Thanks.

    • Yes, it’s for reddit members only. I do have another group you’d be quite welcome in, I’ll invite you to that one. Thanks Marsha!