Opinions Needed! Border Quandary

Well I finished adding the remaining rows to “Leftovers” tonight and I’m completely torn on whether it needs a border or not. I can see how it could benefit from one but I also think it would look nice without one with the right binding.

Right now it measures 39″ x 53″ by itself.


Please vote! – I decided on a border! See the results.

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  1. I would try a wider sized border in either the nuetral or dark blue

  2. It needs a border to stop the tan/cream diagonal lines from running to infinity. They form a very strong line and I think the quilt needs something to “contain” them. If only I were smarter about quilts, I could say that all better!!!

  3. Jeanette says:

    I agree with wide tan borders…beautiful quilt so far!!!

  4. You could put a border on it – maybe finish a few of the tan lines into the border – not all of them.

  5. I voted no border, but just wanted to tell you that I really like this scrappy quilt, the tan is calling for some special quilting though. What are the plans for it? Maybe writing or motifs pertaining to the recipient?

  6. hi katie! blue seemed to stand out to me first so i would put a blue border on at the same width as the half square triangle square. then i’d bind it with black to brighten and frame in all the colors. i have to say, its a LOVELY quilt and will look good no matter how you finish it. sewingonthe swift nancyb

  7. M.P.Cox says:

    I think it needs a border to make your colors shine. The tan is a little over powering of you other colors. I agree with the one that said to use the with of a half triangle. I love all your colors and they need to be the thing you see. Of course this is just one person’s opinion. It will look good any way you make it,

  8. Please add a nice big border to help tone down the overpowering tan. You need the border to help bring out the color in your quilt. It will help BALANCE the quilt so the tan is not so overpowering.

  9. Mariana Nortje says:

    Material that picks up some of the other colours in the quilt

  10. A tan border to match the tan diagonals and then a scrappy binding would finish this off beautifully! Gorgeous work.

  11. Tami In Denver says:

    Maybe a narrow black border and then some flying geese or…..a narrow black border and then a braided border – I think there is a tutorial at Missouri Star Quilt company.

  12. I vote for a border, in a darker color, to keep the tan from flowing off the quilt. I LOVE it 🙂 You do such nice work! TGIF friend!

  13. I am torn. I actually like the tan running off the edges, it is bold and makes a statement. But on the other hand, it would really pop with a plain 6 -8 inch border in a dark color, maybe a blue, but a different one from your squares. That’s my two cents as it were. Good luck!

  14. I think I would go with a small border in the darkest colour you’ve used in the piecing, then a wider border in the tan, and finish with binding in the darkest colour.

    Just my opinion, but I’m pretty new to quilting, so it might be rubbish, lol.


  15. I voted no because I thought if you used a color as the border you would lose the boldness of the tan . I think you should audition a tan border to see how it looks. I do like the impact of the tan and would hate to see it neutralized by a border.

  16. I voted no but really I would say it depends on how large you want it to be. I think a cream binding would look nice it you like the size. I really like the quilt.

    A different subject, I listened to your podcast today on the way to work and I was appalled and the desciption given in regards to the quilts destroyed by the slaves in “protest” of that time. To me that is destruction to their art form and speaks of their survival. I would imagine I would have been angry and possibily to tears. I could go on and on, but I have ranted enough. Someone’s legacy was distroyed in the name of art and that is a shame.

    • I felt the same way. Reading the description on the website these quilts were donated to the artist by a descendant of “slave owners” but it is unclear whether the quilts were made by slave owners or the slaves themselves. Regardless, to turn vintage quilts into an exhibition named CODEX with the theme “Harriet Tubman as astronaut” was appalling. You can see what he did to one of them on this page. It’s disgusting. I didn’t stay in the room more than two minutes before feeling depressed and sad at the destruction that happened to those quilts.

      Here are photos of a few more of the quilts.

      • Okay, it did make me cry and I am not a cryer. How sad that he took a treasure in itself and the base for his art. I wonder if he would think differently if someone decided to make a statement with his art and destroy what he had done.

  17. Mair-Cee says:

    Turned out great! I voted yes. I would use an inner border of tan and an outer border with some of the other color(s) in the quilt. But either way it’s great, do what makes you happy!

  18. The tan didn’t seem at all overpowering to me, but it bothered me that the quilt is only slightly off-center. =) This pattern seems to need to be way off-center or perfectly centered with another row on the right. I’d use a multi-colored binding, maybe even a plaid.

  19. What if you make a scrappy border for it from the fabric scraps you used in the quilt! I voted no on the border btw 🙂 I would bind it with a dark color or if you put no border, than scraps. Can’t wait to see what you decide!

  20. I voted for borders. I agree with those that said the diagonals need a stopping point. I might try a double border….a 1 inch tan and then a 4-5 inch dark….maybe brown.

  21. I voted yes. The neutral colour I think would look good


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