Quilting away and some yard sale finds

I’ve got half the quilt quilted so far – all hooped on my embroidery machine.  I do have to sit and babysit this one since the quilt is pretty big and it likes to scoot around sometimes and get out of the clips. I try to find a few good movies on TV and hoop a whole bunch.

I think it is making a nice texture on the quilt though!

I’m hoping to be done with the quilting this weekend. I haven’t picked out my binding fabric yet. Need to raid my stash for that one. I also haven’t designed the label!

Saturday I went out to a few garage sales. The first couple were complete duds but we struck “gold” on the last one. I picked up a rolling tote that looks like it’ll fit my embroidery arm.  I’m going to get a piece of foam and carve it out so it sits nicely inside there and is mobile when I need it to be.  Much better than the sterilite container – if it’ll fit.

Along with some random placemats and napkins I scored 19 yards of home dec fabric! It was really inexpensive. I split the cost with a friend and she took half of it with her.  Now I have about 10 yards of home dec fabric and I have no idea what I’m going to do with it.  It was too pretty to just leave there though.  How many times has that happened?

I’m going to embroider something on the placemats and use them as gifts.  The polka dot napkins I’m just using as applique fabric.  The purple napkins are really pretty but I only got three of them…. not sure what to do.  They feel like some type of linen.

Last week I found the beginnings of a hotspot on one of Bernie’s front legs near her “armpit”. In the cone she went and now she’s taking some daily meds along with me spraying the hotspot until it goes away. She hates me spraying it. She has perfected scooping bones and toys into her cone and trotting away with them in her mouth though.

Last night we had guest speaker Carol Henry come to the guild. She did a presentation on “Things Your Quilt Teacher Never Told You” – some of it was useful. It was a long meeting and I was really tired after work though. I had to lockup and wasn’t able to leave until after 9PM.  Such a long day!!

She does lots of miniature quilts and I wish I’d booked her miniature lecture since I think that would have been more interesting but I was talked out of it in December when I proposed it. Oh well! Here are some of her mini quilts – I’m hoping to get better photos on Saturday when I take her curved piecing workshop:


  1. The mini quilts still look awesome!
    Bernie has such a cute face with that cone, hope she feels better soon! What is a hotspot?
    Your quilting looks really nice, can’t wait the see the whole thing finished!

  2. Those mini quilts are adorable. If you had said “mini quilt lecture”, I’m not sure I would have been interested either, but now that I’ve seen your pics I am, lol 🙂

    • I can’t wait to make my first mini quilt!! She has a whole box full of little pieces for drunkards path mini quilts. It is a small embroidery thread box like what you keep cross stitch thread in. They are sooo cute! She gave me several samples. I want to take photos of the stuff she gave me and do a tutorial on how to use her templates for the blog. She gave me permission to share anything we got from the class with anyone. It was really informative and I learned a better way to do binding that gives you perfect corners – her technique is like nothing I’ve seen on the internet.

      Such a long day but I learned a lot.

  3. Those mini quilts are unbelievable! I cant imagine making anything that small and pieced! All I can say is wow!