You Get What You Pay For

Harbor Freight blades - cheap but worth it?

A rumor has been floating around the quilting boards regarding rotary blades and how cheaply you can replace them with carpet cutting blades from Harbor Freight.  HF sells the blades for about $2 for a 2 pack. I tried this along with a few other quilters and had a dreadful experience.

The blades fit in a 45mm cutter no problem. Use them to cut though and you’ll find they don’t cut the fabric cleanly (leaving uncut areas like a nicked blade), they wobble while they cut so you get a wavy line and they don’t roll smoothly on the cutter so you end up using extra force to cut.

I ended up chucking my blades in the garbage can. Worth the experiment I suppose! I’ll stick to my regular Fiskars and Olfa blades.

Incidentally, I also happened across a company that will take your old dull blades and mail you brand new ones when you exchange them!

Exchange old blades for new ones!

Free US shipping and you have to send them a minimum of 5 blades.  Shame I just cleaned out my drawers with all my old blades! Darn it. Oh well, at least I know to save them now. It’s a good deal for new blades for sure!  When I try them out I’ll let you know.


  1. I either use a Joann’s coupon to buy these or get them from Amazon. The specialty sizes can be found at Amazon for reasonable prices.

  2. Good to know – I had heard this also and now glad I didn’t try it. Thanks for the onfo

  3. This is so true! Folks often think they can get away with less expensive. While that works often for many things rotary blades are not one of them. One of our LQS has a blade exchange program, too, so if yours has one it may be useful, too.