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New Accuquilt Dies and Packing for Travel (bonus doggie pix)

A few weeks ago I bought some new Accuquilt Go! dies and didn’t get a chance to try them out until last night. We put on the latest episode of True Blood and I pulled out all my stuff. I love my rolling cart that all my Accuquilt Go! stuff sits in now! I found it at a yard sale for $15 and thought it was the perfect thing. I have a large bin of scraps behind the doors. The large pile of strips are 2.5″ and the small stack are just the 1.5″ ones that I cut (I didn’t do that many of that size). It was so fast and easy! I must have run...
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46 – Some Assembly Required, Strings, Food, and New Guild

Episode 46 shownotes: The epic saga of assembling the Arrow Bertha cabinet String blocks for the upcoming swaps and a time-saving tip I visited a new guild (Tampa Modern Quilt Guild) Elizabeth of Don’t Call Me Betsy blog fame Ann of A Girl in Paradise blog fame Kona Cotton color card Salt Lake Modern Quilt Guild EZ dresden challenge Getting my mojo back and reorganizing my sewing room Lifestyle changes and I get honest about food My Fitness Pal – free online calorie counter and exercise tracking tool Runkeeper  I’m taking a trip – what questions do you have for Mom Interview 2.0 ?? A few more book reviews on Hugh Howey novels First Shift –...
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String Flings and Lifestyle Changes

I have two swaps that I’m hosting in July and August involving string blocks so this week I’ve been working on getting those out of the way and finished so they are ready to mail once they start. July String Block Swap – signup here August String Block Swap – signup here In total I have 32 blocks to mail out, 16 for each swap. Each block finishes at 8.5″. I have 11 blocks left to go! Here is my stack of blocks so far (I haven’t trimmed yet): And my utensil caddy that at one point, organized my strips according to length: I completely cleaned out my string bin so all my strings are in...
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Reorganization and getting my mojo back

We finished putting together the sewing cabinet Thursday (minus the doors which will go on when I get the replacement screws) and I started feeling a little better. I cleaned up my sewing room, removed a piece of furniture and traded it for another. I had to shift a few other things around to accommodate the length of the sewing cabinet. The first thing I worked on were 16 pinwheels for a block swap that I’m in.  Here they are! And I took some photos of my new room arrangement tonight.  When my cabinet doors are put on and I get my custom insert I plan on doing an updated video sewing room tour. This is the view...
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Lunchtime Projects – Prep for Fabric Bowls

I get an hour for lunch each day and I try to do some sort of crafty activity during it if I can manage it. I used to bring hexies to work but I’ve gotten bored with them.  I realized I could easily bring stuff to wrap cotton clothesline for fabric bowls! Here is my setup: I have a bin with fat quarters, a 45mm rotary cutter, a cheap rectangular ruler with inch markings on it, cotton clothesline and some paper binder clips. I cut the fat quarters into 3/4″ – 1/2″ strips (doesn’t have to be perfect) and wrap away! When I do two or three fat quarters I trim off the end, put on...
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The Quilting Blues

I’m in a complete sewing funk right now. Not much progress on projects but they’re starting to really stack up! Last night we started assembling the Arrow Cabinet and I misread part of the directions and used one pack of screws for the door trays when they belonged to the hinges.  Oh well! Arrow is really nice and is sending me replacement screws so I can hang the doors once they arrive. Projects upcoming (otherwise known as the collective Great White Shark chasing me in my kayak): “Leftovers” – needs to be pin basted and quilted. Also need to design label and stitch it out. I <3 my corgi quilt – needs to be pin basted...
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45 – Leftovers, Rotary blade tip, mystery quilts and new furniture! Also a book review.

“Leftovers” – quilt update and border decision process Rotary blade trade in program and warning against Harbor Freight blades Hoopsisters Mystery Quilt update Working on an old UFO Sewing furniture and finding the best fit for you June Coleburn visited the guild and told us about Japanese design Book review: Wool Omnibus Editionby Hugh Howey Part 6: First Shift – Legacy (next part of Wool series)
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I’m getting a sewing cabinet!

I’ve been wanting a sewing cabinet for my computerized sewing machine  ever since I got my Singer 201-2 that is built into one and realized how easy it made piecing and quilting! I have an extension table but that isn’t quite the same. The quilts get caught on the corners while I’m FMQing and it gets annoying after a while. Hubby asked me what I wanted for my birthday/anniversary and I mentioned the sewing cabinet and explained I’d been saving up for one since I found a model I liked. Here is what I decided on! The cabinet is on its way and the custom fit insert I just ordered for my machine. Arrow Bertha Sewing...
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WIP Wednesday!

I haven’t done one of these in FOREVER! It’s good to see the progress I’ve made in the past few months though. I feel like I’m getting somewhere. Recent Finishes: Doggie Commission Quilt In Progress: “Leftovers” – top is finished. Need to pin baste and quilt it. I want to follow the lines of the quilt and do some straight line quilting. I toyed with the idea of filling in the tan areas with feathers but I’m not sure how that would look with all the angles in this quilt. I may trace some stuff out on quilting paper and see how it looks from afar. Remember this?? I pulled this oldie but goodie out of...
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