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New Accuquilt Dies and Packing for Travel (bonus doggie pix)

A few weeks ago I bought some new Accuquilt Go! dies and didn't get a chance to try them out until last night. We put on the latest episode of True Blood and I pulled out all my stuff. I … [Read more...]

46 – Some Assembly Required, Strings, Food, and New Guild

Episode 46 shownotes: The epic saga of assembling the Arrow Bertha cabinet String blocks for the upcoming swaps and a time-saving tip I visited a new guild (Tampa Modern Quilt … [Read more...]

String Flings and Lifestyle Changes

I have two swaps that I'm hosting in July and August involving string blocks so this week I've been working on getting those out of the way and finished so they are ready to mail once they … [Read more...]

Reorganization and getting my mojo back

We finished putting together the sewing cabinet Thursday (minus the doors which will go on when I get the replacement screws) and I started feeling a little better. I cleaned up my sewing … [Read more...]

Lunchtime Projects – Prep for Fabric Bowls

I get an hour for lunch each day and I try to do some sort of crafty activity during it if I can manage it. I used to bring hexies to work but I've gotten bored with them.  I realized I … [Read more...]

The Quilting Blues

I'm in a complete sewing funk right now. Not much progress on projects but they're starting to really stack up! Last night we started assembling the Arrow Cabinet and I misread part of … [Read more...]

45 – Leftovers, Rotary blade tip, mystery quilts and new furniture! Also a book review.

"Leftovers" - quilt update and border decision process Rotary blade trade in program and warning against Harbor Freight blades Hoopsisters Mystery Quilt update Working on an … [Read more...]

I’m getting a sewing cabinet!

I've been wanting a sewing cabinet for my computerized sewing machine  ever since I got my Singer 201-2 that is built into one and realized how easy it made piecing and quilting! I have an … [Read more...]

WIP Wednesday!

I haven't done one of these in FOREVER! It's good to see the progress I've made in the past few months though. I feel like I'm getting somewhere. Recent Finishes: Doggie Commission … [Read more...]

Hoopsisters Mystery Has Begun! Well, sort of.

Hoopsisters Mystery started last week and I managed to purchase it on May 31 when they released it early! Unfortunately I don't have my water soluble thread yet so I can't stitch out any … [Read more...]