45 – Leftovers, Rotary blade tip, mystery quilts and new furniture! Also a book review.


  • “Leftovers” – quilt update and border decision process
  • Rotary blade trade in program and warning against Harbor Freight blades
  • Hoopsisters Mystery Quilt update
  • Working on an old¬†UFO
  • Sewing furniture and finding the best fit for you
  • June Coleburn visited the guild and told us about Japanese design
  • Book review: Wool Omnibus Editionby Hugh Howey


  1. Sounds like Ringo doing the intro about Amazon!

  2. It was lovely listening to your podcast while on my way to a class yesyerday. I do not know how much editing you do, but your podcast flows along so smoothly that it sounds quite professional.

  3. EngrSandi says:

    Thanks for the warning about the Harbor Freight blades.

    Wool sounds like an interesting book; I’d love to borrow it on my NookColor (love my NC, don’t you?!)!


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