46 – Some Assembly Required, Strings, Food, and New Guild


Episode 46 shownotes:

The epic saga of assembling the Arrow Bertha cabinet

String blocks for the upcoming swaps and a time-saving tip

I visited a new guild (Tampa Modern Quilt Guild)

Kona Cotton Color Card

Kona Cotton color card

Salt Lake Modern Quilt Guild EZ dresden challenge

Getting my mojo back and reorganizing my sewing room
Lifestyle changes and I get honest about food

I’m taking a trip – what questions do you have for Mom Interview 2.0 ??
A few more book reviews on Hugh Howey novels

Another card game review for Fluxx Zombie Edition – $12
Bonus review of Dread Pirate boardgame

Fiskars Rotating Cutting Mat Review

I picked up a few more Three Pound Remnant bundles and loved what I got! Curious as to how they get made? Fabric.com did a neat feature explaining what goes into each bundle.

I’m going to attempt a skirt. Not sure what sacrifice I need to make to the fabric gods to prevent failure though.

Here are the fabrics I got in my recent Fabric.com three pound assortment purchases (I got two of them and 4 yards of the “sewing twitter fabric”

Fabrics - June 2012

Fabrics - June 2012Fabrics - June 2012

Fabrics - June 2012

Fabrics - June 2012

Fabrics - June 2012

Fabrics - June 2012

These are some home dec samples that were given away for free at the last guild meeting. My first idea was to use them for tote bag applique but I’m not sure yet. They are very pretty!

Fabrics - June 2012


  1. Светлана says:

    Очень понравилась ткань с зайцами – смешная и та, что над ней, с мотивом природы!

    • Природа ткань была одна из моих любимых в комплекте. Это напоминает мне, как импрессионистской живописи Клода Моне

  2. The name of the quilt shop in Panama City we plan to visit is “Quilting by the Bay”.

  3. You got some fun fabrics!
    I am also working on fitness. I use Lose It! app and website for food/calorie tracking and Ease Into 5K app is my current fitness program. I have lost about 4 pounds since I started on June 6th. I did add the Runkeeper website since it has a way to track mileage. Thanks for the tip and best wishes on your fitness journey!
    I plan on trying a string block soon, so I was happy to hear your tip about making the foundation bigger.
    Thanks for a fun podcast!

  4. What great fabrics in the bundles. They’ve always been a great place to shop, even way back when it was phoenix.com

  5. Love the bright fabrics. Also thanks for your podcast, I look forward to hear from you as if I know you personally in spit of probably being in Australia… Good that you are having a sensible approach to loosing weight and I have no doubt that you’ll reach your goals. Have a nice quilty week…

  6. Hope your home area is not under water!

    Thanks for mentioning me; it helps when the weight loss comes more slowly than I want it to. I give you props for mentioning your start weight and height; mine was 5’4″ and 231 lb; now 202.5 because the scale refuses to dip below 200 despite my threats.

    All the best.,

  7. Brenda F says:

    Hi Katie-
    I just listened to you podcast yesterday and I feel compelled to comment. I actually comment all of the time, but since it’s usually a comment in my head as I wander around listening with my Ipod, you never get to hear them. My apologies that I don’t get to the computer as much as I should to tell you how much I appreciate all of the work that you put into making such a fabulous podcast.

    I wish you the best of luck on your journey to better health. My crisis moment came 3 1/2 years ago when I stepped on the scale and panicked as I saw a number previously only seen when pregnant. I went to Weight Watchers that evening, lost 35 pounds in 5 months and have kept it off now for 3 years.

    You are not alone! Please reach out if you need help and accountability. That is truly what has helped me to not only lose the weight, but also to continue that battle to keep it off. You are SO brave to have made your declaration on your podcast. It is a quality that will serve you well to not only avoid moments of temptation, but also to get back on track when you have the occasional slip up.

    Make sure to add activity to boost your calorie burn and make you stronger. I belong to a group that runs together 4 days a week. Considering I skipped PE class in middle school on track day, this is huge, and I know it is something you could do. The book Secrets of a Former Fat Girl was a big inspiration for me.

    You can TOTALLY do this! I look forward to hearing about your progress and please keep us posted about your dad as well.


  8. Elizabeth Murphy says:


    I am a new quilter and just discovered your podcast a few weeks ago. I love the tidbits of learning and advice you share on your podcast and have gone back to listen to all of the old ones from the beginning. Thanks for your time and energy — I feel personally encouraged by hearing about your experiences!

    I admire your bravery in talking about your weight loss goals on your podcast — that is so impressive! And I am sending you supportive vibes.


    • Welcome Elizabeth! Always fun to get a new listener to the podcast – especially when they go all the way back to the beginning!

  9. Zina (Z Any Mouse) says:

    I really enjoyed this podcast episode, including your candid discussion of struggling with your weight. You have inspired me to get back to my exercise routine, and better eating habits. I’m not brave enough to make My Fitness Pal public yet, but maybe later. They keep sending me nasty reminders that I haven’t logged in for 3 days, or 3 days before that, lol.
    I’m getting ready for a crazy week of camping on the streets of San Diego for Comic-Con, and based on your recommendation, have ordered Zombie Fluxx to pass the time in line with my nerdy friends. I am looking forward to trying it out. Everything goes better with zombies!

    • Thanks Zina! MFP keeps everything private unless you want it public. No one can see your current or starting weight or your food diary unless you make it public. It’s nice that way!

      Zombie Fluxx would be perfect for waiting in line! You guys are going to crack up laughing when the game gets going.

  10. Hi Katie,
    Great podcast as always. Just like Brenda F I also comment along as I listen but I also felt compelled to come to the computer and finally take the time to comment.
    I applaud you for taking your food challenges to the airways. I will admit to being very fortunate in that I am not dealing with the same issues but I do LOVE food. I think about it, dream about it, cook it, bake it, grow it, etc.
    I do want to share that last year, I lost 20 pounds – 20 pounds that I had gradually gained over 20 years. The biggest change I made was that I started going to yoga class. I still eat what I want, although I hardly eat fried foods and I don’t eat much red meat, but for some reason Yoga was the difference that my body needed.
    I know I’m lucky – very lucky. But I am also very active – I play soccer, go to the gym and obviously go to yoga practice. I work hard at keeping myself fit and it does take a lot of time.
    Please keep up your drive to lose weight. Your positive personal attitude does you credit – you know that losing weight will not make you a better person – it will make you FEEL better. I look forward to you telling us that you can tie your shoes without holding your breath. 🙂