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“Leftovers” Border Reveal

After some deliberation and seeing what everyone suggested I took a gamble and tried a border I haven’t done before but I’ve been wanting to try. It still isn’t complete yet, I think I’m going to scallop the edges but for now you can get an idea of what I decided to do.

Oh for reference here is how the poll came out:

  • 63% (38 people) voted “No”
  • 37% (22 people) voted “Yes”

Many of the comments on my Facebook Page suggested a border for it. I was leaning that way after looking at the top a while and wanted to enhance the scrappyness of the quilt to balance out the tan.

Pardon the crappy cell phone picture, it’s late at night

Bonnie Hunter has a cool scalloped border/binding tutorial I think I’m going to try for this one.

Thanks for your suggestions! The border I chose isn’t perfect but I think it’ll work out in the end. ¬†Once it is quilted and the scallop edge is on it I think it will take on new life.

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