“Leftovers” Border Reveal

After some deliberation and seeing what everyone suggested I took a gamble and tried a border I haven’t done before but I’ve been wanting to try. It still isn’t complete yet, I think I’m going to scallop the edges but for now you can get an idea of what I decided to do.

Oh for reference here is how the poll came out:

  • 63% (38 people) voted “No”
  • 37% (22 people) voted “Yes”

Many of the comments on my Facebook Page suggested a border for it. I was leaning that way after looking at the top a while and wanted to enhance the scrappyness of the quilt to balance out the tan.

Pardon the crappy cell phone picture, it’s late at night

Bonnie Hunter has a cool scalloped border/binding tutorial I think I’m going to try for this one.

Thanks for your suggestions! The border I chose isn’t perfect but I think it’ll work out in the end.  Once it is quilted and the scallop edge is on it I think it will take on new life.


  1. Although I was one of the no border votes, I think you made a great choice. I am not sure that I would do a scallop edge with such an angular quilt, but I am probably wrong there also!

    • We will see! I’m on the fence about scalloping. This might not be the quilt to try it with. I’m going to see how it looks when it is quilted.

  2. Hi Katie, it turned out fantastic with the scrappy border… Well done…

  3. Debbie Arrington says:

    Wow! I LOVE the border! I liked the quilt before, but this border takes it over the top. Good job!

  4. I voted no to a border, but WOW that really brings it together…. Love it!

  5. That border looks great! I would NOT scallop that border because the scalloping would take away from the great effect of the scrappy edge/border. It help to subdue the overpowering of the tan. It’s beautiful!

  6. i voted for a plain border but this is AWESOME!!! nice job!

    • Thanks! I think it was worth the 10 or so hours of work for sure. It added a lot and brought out the scrappyness.

  7. Turned out very well!

  8. Mariana Nortje says:

    I love the border, especially if you scallop it. Either way it would be lovely though.

    • I’ll see how it looks when it is quilted and then decide on the scalloping – some people want to see it and some people don’t think it’ll look good with the angles in the quilt. I’m torn.

  9. Katie, I love the border you chose. It’s fantastic. The dark to set of the center and the piano keys keeps the feel of the scrappy. I can’t wait to see your finish. Awesome job! This is definitely going on my to do list.

    • It was really fun to do! If I can figure out how to save my EQ7 file I’ll host it on my website so people can download it if they wish.

  10. I voted no, but this border adds a new dimension to the top.

  11. Tami In Denver says:

    I like your choice…anxious to see the scallops.

  12. Diana Whelan says:

    That border is perfect for this quilt. Great choice. No scallops please.

  13. Perfect! I love it 🙂


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