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Lunchtime Projects – Prep for Fabric Bowls

I get an hour for lunch each day and I try to do some sort of crafty activity during it if I can manage it. I used to bring hexies to work but I’ve gotten bored with them.  I realized I could easily bring stuff to wrap cotton clothesline for fabric bowls!

Here is my setup:

I have a bin with fat quarters, a 45mm rotary cutter, a cheap rectangular ruler with inch markings on it, cotton clothesline and some paper binder clips. I cut the fat quarters into 3/4″ – 1/2″ strips (doesn’t have to be perfect) and wrap away! When I do two or three fat quarters I trim off the end, put on a binder clip and save it for when I’m ready to sew everything together into a bowl.

I have 3 bags full of wrapped clothesline waiting for me to sew into fabric bowls now.  Want to learn how to make fabric bowls? Here is a handy video tutorial that I made that shows you how!

Eventually the wrapped clothesline will start to look more like these:


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