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Reorganization and getting my mojo back

We finished putting together the sewing cabinet Thursday (minus the doors which will go on when I get the replacement screws) and I started feeling a little better. I cleaned up my sewing room, removed a piece of furniture and traded it for another. I had to shift a few other things around to accommodate the length of the sewing cabinet.

The first thing I worked on were 16 pinwheels for a block swap that I’m in.  Here they are!


And I took some photos of my new room arrangement tonight.  When my cabinet doors are put on and I get my custom insert I plan on doing an updated video sewing room tour.

This is the view from the door. You can see my main sewing area and on the right is my cabinet with my Singer 201-2.

My TV is in the corner and it sits on a cabinet with three drawers. I keep kits and other projects in there so all the fabric stays together. The serger is under the white cover and to the right of that is Betty (the Singer 201-2) under her cover.


The cutting area with a ribbon organizer that also holds stabilizers. Underneath the cutting area I have two drawer systems. One system holds embroidery supplies (other stabilizers, blanks, varigated thread) and the other has various patterns, rulers, and other sewing notions.


This used to be where the dresser was and now I have a bookshelf. I packed the books away. I needed a shelf system to hold my sewing books, patterns, magazines and precuts.


The bowls hold various projects and the black metal cart on the left has my scrap system in it. I have 5″ charm squares and 2.5″ strips in the sliding drawers along with some other stuff for my Orca Bay quilt.


This is my ironing area and the drawers above it hold mailing supplies, cording for fabric bowls, paper piecing, binding clips, etc. The Sean Connery head on a stick has a story behind it that I might tell on a future podcast.

And my fabric closet! I keep anything over 1/2 yard on a comic book board. Fat quarters are in front of that. On the left are various remnants for embroidery projects.


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  1. Congrats on your new sewing cabinet. Wish we all had big, expansive spaces where we didn’t have to keep trading furniture around to fit it in. At least we have spaces. I would hate to be clearing it off my dining table/ kitchen counter/ bed daily like some quilters have to.

  2. Your sewing room looks great!

  3. While you are a 20 – something year old creative addict, I’m in my early 60s and am still a creataive addict. Those of us who have a dedicated sewing, quilting, and/or crafting room are truly blessed. I love your room. When I grow up, I’ll finally will get my room truly organized and together. The problem is that I don’t plan to grow up anytime soon:)

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