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String Flings and Lifestyle Changes

I have two swaps that I’m hosting in July and August involving string blocks so this week I’ve been working on getting those out of the way and finished so they are ready to mail once they start.

In total I have 32 blocks to mail out, 16 for each swap. Each block finishes at 8.5″. I have 11 blocks left to go!

Here is my stack of blocks so far (I haven’t trimmed yet):




And my utensil caddy that at one point, organized my strips according to length:


I completely cleaned out my string bin so all my strings are in my little caddy ready to use! I can tell I’m going to have lots of strings left to do many, many more string blocks with and scrappy string borders. Once the swaps are complete and I get 32 blocks back I’ll figure out how big I want to make the quilt and finish everything up. I think I prefer doing string blocks on muslin more than the paper since I don’t have anything to tear out when I’m done! We’ll see how much I love it when I’m done quilting.

Bonnie Hunter’s String Block Tutorial - this is the method I’m using.

In other news, I’m changing a few things in my life to work on getting healthier. I will be tracking my progress on My Fitness Pal (free to use and it has a great free app for smartphones) and I’m excited to have my husband on board with me. If you follow me on Twitter or Pinterest you probably already noticed me chatting with other folks about it and pinning new recipes to try.

I have a horrible sweet tooth so that has been one of the hardest hurdles to get over. I’ve never done a diet where I truly watch my carb and sugar intake so closely. After doing it for three days now I feel better and the detox headache is gone! My cravings aren’t so bad either.

If you are interested in joining we can become friends on MFP and I can even create a group for all the quilters working to get healthier or stay healthy! It’s free and you’d have a great support system of friends. Comment if you’d like an invite.

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