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The Quilting Blues

I’m in a complete sewing funk right now. Not much progress on projects but they’re starting to really stack up!

Last night we started assembling the Arrow Cabinet and I misread part of the directions and used one pack of screws for the door trays when they belonged to the hinges.  Oh well! Arrow is really nice and is sending me replacement screws so I can hang the doors once they arrive.

Projects upcoming (otherwise known as the collective Great White Shark chasing me in my kayak):

  1. “Leftovers” – needs to be pin basted and quilted. Also need to design label and stitch it out.
  2. I <3 my corgi quilt – needs to be pin basted and quilted.  This will end up on Etsy.
  3. Butterfly Quilt – needs to have the quilting finished. I think this will go faster on my new cabinet.
  4. String Blocks – I’m doing two swaps so I need to stitch up 32 blocks that measure 8″ on muslin foundation.  Maybe while I’m in my funk I can dig through my string box and pull out good size strings.
  5. Pinwheel block swap – need to make 16 pinwheel blocks out of charms.
  6. HST Exchange – I’m doing an exchange of 108 HST units with a group.
  7. Fabric flowers – Will be making 8 custom blooms to go with the quilt show awards.

I really want to beef up my Etsy shop and add new stuff to it that are corgi related. It would be nice to have lots in there for the holiday season so I can advertise it. Not many people want to purchase custom items.

What do you do when you get into a sewing funk?

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