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Free Pattern Friday – Springy Bucket

image via http://badskirt.blogspot.com

image via http://badskirt.blogspot.com

Spring-form Bucket Tutorial

I don’t know about you but I often find myself looking for little bins to catch crumbs, triangles, snippets from binding or applique and they are never attractive to just have hanging around the sewing room. Then I stumbled across this tutorial on Pinterest!

Eureka! I can use some cute fabric to make my own basket. Plus, it folds flat for storage or transport when you’re going to retreat or to a workshop. I love this! Now to raid my local Dollar stores or IKEA.

She also has a Flickr Group where you can see what other people have made with her tutorials. 

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  1. Какая интересная штука! А сприраль, что внутри, для чего предназначается? Она же не только для этих коробочек?

  2. Thanks for the wonderful instructions on the coiled fabric bowl. I have looked at some other lessons but they were not as well done as yours.
    Thanks again !

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