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More Fabric Bowls and Popcorn!

I’m still in a sewing funk. So for now, I’m not going to pressure myself to sew. I have some deadlines and I’ll work on that stuff to get it out of here. Maybe I’ll feel better after that. I sat down to work on string blocks and then saw the bag I had full of wrapped cording and decided what the heck, I’ll just do fabric bowls for a while. I try to wrap the cording on my lunch break and then I keep all the wrapped stuff in a bag in my sewing room.

I got three bowls done. They’re larger than I intended but that’s ok. I’m sure someone will love them! They will be sold at our quilt show in November in the boutique.  I’ve got another 10-15 more bowls I want to do before the show. Free tutorial on how to make your own fabric bowl!


Last night I introduced my husband to the wonder that is freshly popped popcorn done on the stovetop. He’d never had it that way before and I convinced him to give it a shot. He thought I was going to burn it. I dressed mine with spray olive oil and a bit of popcorn salt. It was really good! I love my new olive oil sprayer.

The dogs survived the 4th of July in one piece. Poor Basil huddled under my legs until I put everyone to bed at 9:30. Basil and Bernie get some Xanax to help them through the night.


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