More Fabric Bowls and Popcorn!

I’m still in a sewing funk. So for now, I’m not going to pressure myself to sew. I have some deadlines and I’ll work on that stuff to get it out of here. Maybe I’ll feel better after that. I sat down to work on string blocks and then saw the bag I had full of wrapped cording and decided what the heck, I’ll just do fabric bowls for a while. I try to wrap the cording on my lunch break and then I keep all the wrapped stuff in a bag in my sewing room.

I got three bowls done. They’re larger than I intended but that’s ok. I’m sure someone will love them! They will be sold at our quilt show in November in the boutique.  I’ve got another 10-15 more bowls I want to do before the show. Free tutorial on how to make your own fabric bowl!


Last night I introduced my husband to the wonder that is freshly popped popcorn done on the stovetop. He’d never had it that way before and I convinced him to give it a shot. He thought I was going to burn it. I dressed mine with spray olive oil and a bit of popcorn salt. It was really good! I love my new olive oil sprayer.

The dogs survived the 4th of July in one piece. Poor Basil huddled under my legs until I put everyone to bed at 9:30. Basil and Bernie get some Xanax to help them through the night.



  1. Those fireworks are so stressful for some of our pets. Poor things. This year we had very few fireworks. Still being on the tail end of the largest fire our city has ever experienced (Colorado Springs) people took the fireworks bans seriously. I guess seeing 250 houses turned to ash has a sobering effect on people.

    I bet those bowls bring in a lot of money. People will LOVE them!

  2. Brenda F says:

    I might need to resort to drugs next year for the dogs to survive the fireworks. I let our two out after the city show was done and as soon as they hit the grass, a neighbor started their own show adjacent to our back yard. Now I have one dog that is refusing to go outside after dark. Not a big problem now, but we will be gaining more dark time as the year progresses. Bummer!