New Summer Handbag

I purchased this tote while I was in Panama City at the Hobby Lobby and didn’t quite know what I was going to do with it until a few days ago.  I remembered a design I’d seen over on Embroidery library and I thought it might work with the bag pattern.

Fabric Purchases

The bag pre-transformation

The bag is a burlap material with a damask design stenciled on top. The design worried me because I wasn’t sure how an embroidered piece would show up on it. I decided to go for it anyway. I didn’t want something like just my initials.

Embroidered Purse

The way my embroidery machine works I have to turn a tote inside out, stick it over the top of the machine and under the needle. I didn’t hoop this one because it was so thick. I hooped my stabilizer (3 layers of tearaway) and clipped the tote to the hoop. It worked really, really nicely!

Embroidered PurseEmbroidered Purse

Embroidered Purse

Here is the link to the design on Embroidery Library. It’s called “French Eiffel Tower Medley“.

image courtesy Embroidery Library

The design is just about 40,000 stitches total. It took me most of the evening to babysit for the thread changes, 19 in all. I really love it! Can’t wait to show it off tomorrow at work.


  1. That turned out so well!!!! I really like it and I think the pattern on the bag works with the embroidery design. Well done.

  2. Katie, the design works great on that handbag! It gives it that extra “zing”.

  3. ‘Tres chic’ or should I say very elegant and you did a great job !!!

  4. Oooh la la!!! Love it! Such a great design for that bag. Enjoy!

  5. Светлана says:

    Рисунок ткани сумки уже хорош. Я подумала, зачем вышивка? Но получилось – супер!!!!!!

  6. How cute! IT was a great choice of design.

  7. Belinda says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! Would have never thought to put the bag over the arm of the embroidery machine. What a great tip! Thanks!

  8. That is fab! Another reason to want to get an embroidery machine! Well done you and great time investment!

  9. Mariana Nortje says:

    Love, love , love your “Tour Eiffel” design . It makes me want to go back to Paris. I just love that place! And your bag. Perfect design for the bag.

  10. So cute!! It looks great. I hope you’ve gotten a lot of compliments on it!!

  11. EngrSandi says:

    Love it! The bag was “nice” before, but now it’s WOW! Definitely worth all the thread changes!

  12. Donna G. says:

    Hi Katie: I just love your bag! Great design choice. I also am a fairly new listener to your podcasts, and think they’re terrific. Your enthusiasm, creativity, and most of all, your honesty, are inspiring. I’m loading up my iPod with your podcasts and am taking you to Alaska with me – we leave on Friday for a 2 week cruise and land tour. Bon voyage à nous!

  13. Sooo pretty! I loved the bag the way it was already, but you really made it unique! Love the butterflies, they look so cute with the flowers!

  14. Glenna in TX says:

    Wow, what a difference 40,000 stitches make. It looks great!

  15. Love it! I am so behind on all my quilty blog friends. I just finished the podcast with you and your mom…she’s adorable 🙂

  16. Katie, I am a long time listener, but not a frequent commenter. I usually listen to podcasts driving back and forth to work, and forget to come by the blog and comment when I am at home.
    Your bag turned out great! I have had that embroidery design for quite a while, but have not yet used it. You did a great job getting the bag into/onto your machine and it looks like it stitched out beautifully!
    Thanks for keeping me entertained on the road!