Two new Jelly Roll Race Quilts!

Mom asked me to bring a jelly roll so I could teach her how to make a jelly roll race quilt. While we were at Quilting by the Bay she picked out a Key Lime Bali Pop, accompaning border fabric and on Sunday I showed her how to sew everything together.

She had a drying rack which helped us sort strips out while chaining them all together and then she set to sewing!

Sewing Jelly Roll Race Quilts

Sewing Jelly Roll Race QuiltsI used my extra Moda Origins jelly roll that I had no plans for

Sewing Jelly Roll Race Quilts

Sewing Jelly Roll Race Quilts

I like how mom’s quilt top turned out! I will be adding the border and quilting it for her. She’s decided this will be a gift for my dad.

Jelly Roll Race Quilt Tops

And here is mine!

Jelly Roll Race Quilt Tops

I’ll also be adding a border. Still need to iron all the seams in mine. Ugh I hate that part!


  1. They are both really beautiful. Did your time improve with the second one or was it slower because you might have been talking. (as if time really matters when you are sewing with friends or family)

    For those seams, I heard about “The Strip Stick” on someone’s podcast a while ago and bought one. It is FABULOUS for seams such as on a race quilt. Here’s a link – Your projects stay perfectly straight when ironing seams with one of these. A handy person could easily make one but I figured the price was reasonable and the inventor should get my business.

    Can’t wait to see your quilts with the borders.

    • I’ll have to look at that! JRR quilts are hard because mid-seam you can have a switch and have to iron it the other way or it’ll shadow through to the light strip. I end up snipping seams to make sure that doesn’t happen.

  2. Really nice!!!! Love the colors and that you got to sew with your mom 😉

  3. I love the way the bali pops (or other batik strip sets) work up into these jelly roll 1600 tops! I just saw one in a quilt shop done in random strips of Kaffe Fassett fabrics, and it was stunning. These are ridiculously easy, yet so effective whenm finished. Both your top and your mom’s, are wonderful.

    • Oh my gosh I can only imagine what a Kaffe Fassett looks like!

      • I’m going back on Sunday, and maybe I can take a picture. The quilt shop is running a series of jelly roll races, and the Kaffe was one of 3 samples the shop people did as examples. It was so popular, that they are cutting some Kaffe strip sets to sell (yep, I’m buying one).

  4. Both jelly roll quilts look great!

  5. I love the way your quilt tops look! One of these days I’ll have to take a deep breath and break in the jelly roll I have. It’s so nice you got to make this with your mom!

  6. How many strips are in a jelly roll? I see them with different amounts of strips. kris

    • For a race quilt you need to get a jelly roll that has at least 40 strips in it. Most jelly rolls come with 40 strips but there are half rolls out there that have only 20. All of the Bali Pops come with 40 strips and most of the Jelly Rolls by Moda have 40 in them.

  7. man, this makes me want to finish the two I have done!

  8. I have been feeling so guilty lately. My niece visited me recently in Queensland, Australia and while here I gave her the Quilting Bug. I sent her back to London with a rotary cutter, an acrylic ruler and no Aunty to go to for help.
    Your Jelly Roll 1600 tutorial is brilliant!!! I have sent her the addy and am sure she will be knocking out quilts in no time. Yay to you!!!

  9. those turned out great! Love the colors in your mom’s too :)

  10. Hi Made my jelly roll quilt & I love it, wish I could make some bigger ones.


  11. They both look terrific. Great job!