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50 – A look back, book review, new quilt shop, new sewing machine, hurricane prep

  • My first big milestone has been reached – 50 episodes! I look back at the last 50 episodes and what I fondly remember the most. Some of my favorites that you should listen to if you haven’t already:
  • I add borders to two quilts
  • My first “quilting by check” experience
  • I go out on the town with Elizabeth from Don’t Call me Betsy blog fame
  • A successful visit to a brand spankin new quilt shop! (Photos below)
  • It’s sewing machine week! I get an old one repaired and acquire a “new to me” sewing machine – meet Veronica (to go with Betty my other vintage Singer – you know, like the Archie comics) my new Singer 221 Featherweight
  • Why I like vintage sewing machines so much
  • The denim avalanche continues
  • Design wall built
  • Book review – Creative Quilts from your Crayon Box
  • Florida hurricanes and what that means for me as Issac approaches
  • Bernie turns 6
  • Upcoming trip to Sarasota again
  • Basic things I think new quilters should have and work on (see my Tools of the Trade post here)
  • Fitness update

And now some photos from my quilt shop trip to Inspire! down in Plant City, Florida.







A few photos of the antique shop we dropped in to see








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  1. wow that shop looks soo Nice! cant wait to listen to the new episode while I do my own sewing:) its the best

  2. Congratulations Katie! I’ve been a listener since Episode 1. I like your interview episodes are the best. (You are a very good interviewer!) I enjoy all of them, though.

  3. Wow the quilt shop looks awesome! Toys for us guys while the gals shop? I think so!

    • The quilt shop actually has a “man corner” that will soon have comfy couches and a big screen TV. She doesn’t have it all installed quite yet though.

  4. Excited to listen to episode 50! You’ve come a long way
    Veronica looks nice!

  5. Congratulations on 50 episodes :) Thanks for all you do! Can’t wait to listen to this one. Welcome to Veronica…

  6. Wow! I love that Cinderella machine! Do you remember how much she was??

  7. Congrats in number 50! Hope you are well with the impending weather. Hope you stay safe!

    • Thanks Brenda! We just bought “provisions” AKA – frozen pizza, beer, some healthy choice TV dinners for lunch later this week and Ringo got some chips. I figure if I need to cook on the grill I can. :) I’m sure we’ll be fine!

  8. I love the shop! The pink-backed notions wall is fantastic and I love the horizontally displayed fabric. Just different enough to catch the eye and it seems to be open enough to permit navigation. Lovely!
    I think you may have convinced me to spend money on a book! I tend to avoid adding clutter to my home by borrowing books from the library but your fun with the crayons is like a siren call to me and it is not available at our library. Authors deserve to be paid so I should spend book money on occasion.

    • I was on the fence about this book until I saw Amazon had it for a little over $16 (I got free shipping). Since most quilt books are usually $25 I thought it was a steal! The projects are gorgeous and the technique doesn’t take long to get the knack of once you have the right tools. The teflon mat I found was the most important thing to have the right kind of. You can also order it from Amazon and it has many other uses than this technique if you do applique. I’m loving it and I can’t wait to apply it to other applique shapes. I think you’ll really like it especially if you’re of the artistic persuasion!

  9. Thanks for keeping me company. This podcast had lots of things to think about, as I went back and forth to work one day.

    I got my IPad yesterday and am contemplating blogging/podcasting but will be taking it a step at a time. Thank goodness fo my husband and son who got it synced up with my IPod.

    All the best.

  10. Conga rats on 50 great episodes, Katie! Another one packed with great info. I am so pleased to hear that I can contact crayola and request certain colours in bulk. A good friend of mine and I have always wished they would come out with a 8 pack of “bold” colours. I’ve always said I only need 8 (although the big packs are fun too) but I want goldenrod instead of yellow, brick red instead of red, midnight blue instead of plain blue.. etc.

  11. Congratulations on 50 wonderful episodes Katie!! I have so enjoyed listening to you, and how far you’ve come both with podcasting (haven’t we all?!?!) AND with your quilting. I don’t even think you can call yourself a newbie quilter anymore, girl – you’re at LEAST an advanced+ beginner/intermediate with all your know-how and completed quilts under your belt. Here’s to 50 more (holding up my margarita glass)!!!!!


  12. Congrats on episode 50!!!! And jealous about the pending cruise. Have a great time!

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