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Border Added!

So I asked for your opinion on Facebook a few weeks ago for border options and what you saw for this quilt:

Origins by Basic Grey - quilt unnamed right now. waiting on border

And here is what I ended up doing for it (please excuse the bad lighting):

Unnamed Quilt - Border Added

I’m still not sure if it’s too bold for the middle of the quilt but I think it frames it nicely. Getting better at mitered borders! They’re time intensive but worth the effort I think. Not sure if I’m going to quilt this myself or send it off to a longarmer. I might just do it myself since the seams are so awful on the inside (this quilt was started when I was a beginner and not well practiced at sewing or quilting).

At least the border is on! I like the scrappyness of it.

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  1. I like it! I especially like the scrappyness of it too. Nice job.

  2. I really like your choice for borders. I understand your quilting dilemma. I to have notever sent one out to be quilted. I like knowing that I did everything myself… But yet, the one i am working on now I am not sure if I am happy with my abilities… I am starting to think maybe I should have quilted by check. =]

  3. It’s beautiful. I especially like the middle pieced border.


  4. How wonderful. Looks fantastic!

  5. I love the border! It looks very nice with the rest of the quilt. Your fabrics are pretty too!

  6. Очень нравится! Россыпь изумрудов в солнечной траве!!!

    • О, я думаю, что вы только что вдохновило название для этого одеяла! Я не знаю, что угодно. “Изумрудный Восторг” звучит красиво!

  7. I don’t think its too bold at all. Looks great! What will you use for binding?

  8. Great borders choice. The quilt looks awesome!

  9. Brilliant color combo. I love it!

  10. Just how imagined it! It looks gorgeous, Katie!! I really love the way it came out. Can you quilt it on the longarm you practiced on?

  11. I think it is absolutely gorgeous! I love how the inner borders frame the inside, I think they make the stars pop. Love it, for real!

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