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Free Pattern Friday – Denim Quilt

Lucy goes over the basic instructions for how to make your own denim quilts using old jeans.  You can make your own design using whatever size squares you manage to get out of the jeans you have.  It kind of looks like stained glass the way she does it!

Denim Quilts – How To

Image via Lucy’s Quilts

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  1. I am working on the stained glass denim quilt right now for our football team raffle. It is the second one I have made. It goes together so easy. I love working with denim.

  2. I love this quilt and look forward to seeing if it’s easy or hard to do (as it looks)

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  3. I love the way it is pieced to eliminate the bulky seams. Thanks for sharing.

  4. very cool – definitely going on my “to do” list1

  5. Love the quilt! Could I please have the pattern/instructions for this quilt? Thanks! vicky.fougere.1102@gmail.com

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