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Free Pattern Friday – Simply Denim Quilt Tutorial

This makes a pretty big quilt (80″ x 100″) but I imagine it’s quite durable!

Simply Denim Quilt Tutorial – Piece N Quilt

Simply Denim Quilt Tutorial via Piece and Quilt

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  1. This quilt technique is similar to the Jelly Roll Race quilt. Similar results in the end.

  2. I made a denim quilt several years ago. I called it the Family Threads Quilt since it has jeans in it from each family member. I also used some pockets so little items could be put inside the pockets. The quilt turned out rather neat. It is so heavy from all the denim.

  3. Thanks so much! Lots easier than any other method I’ve seen, and I love the color variations.

  4. Thanks for sharing this pattern, Katie it’s really neat! Hope you’re not in the flood area!!

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