Giveaway time! Win a copy of Quilt Design Wizard!

Win your very own copy of Quilt Design Wizard for PC!

I’m celebrating the podcast reaching 50 episodes by giving away this fun and useful software!

  • Design your quilt on the computer screen
  • Print the Patterns and Yardage Estimates
  • Sew or Learn Sewing and Quilting Basics
  • 200 Blocks & 3000 Fabrics to choose from when designing your quilt
  • Versatile layouts and borders
 Design simple pieced blocks, straight layouts, on-point layouts, and play with color. This is definitely designed for beginners. Requires Windows 98/2000/ME/XP/Vista/7. Made in USA.

To enter follow the instructions from Rafflecopter below:

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  1. I am a follower, I don’t know much about how to use the other reply. I have been a follower for quite awhile so hope this is an entry. Thanks.

  2. Congratulations on reaching this milestone , I have been sitting here with my hand embroidery listening to you chat, it’s lovely having someone share my sewing space,since discovering pod casts I never feel alone when I’m stitching.This episode was really enjoyable, such a variety of topics covered and as I live in New Zealand and we rarely get weather extremes like your hurricanes and tornadoes it amazes me that you can sound so calm about it.I’m going to go right back to the first episode and enjoy them all in sequence.Thank you for letting us share your big achievement with your giveaway contest.

  3. I forgot to also say that I own a Singer Featherweight too, it is a 221K1, it does straight stitch only and it belonged to my Mum, she only used it to repair our clothes so it hasn’t done a lot of work. It has several accessories with it and I had it serviced when I bought it home with me . I have been told that these lovely wee machines are appreciated by quilters for their excellent straight stitching. So far i haven’t tried it since it became mine so I need to have a play. I enjoyed the segment in this pod cast where you talked about the Featherweights, it made me feel quite chuffed to know I have one of my own that is a bit special to me because of my Mum.

  4. Cheryl,

    I’m Katie’s Mum and wanted you to know that I enjoyed your comments.
    You have taught me a NEW word: chuffed
    I looked it up in the dictionary to make sure I had the correct understanding of the word.

  5. Congratulations on you 50th podcast anniversary. You do a wonderful job, with lots of information and enthusiasm. Diane

  6. Elizabeth McDonald says:

    To be honest, I read quilt blogs very extensively, but I do not know what a podcast is, or how it works, or how to use it….Can you direct me to simple directions so that I can start listening to your quilting podcasts? 50 podcasts sounds like a tremendous accomplishment!

    • Hi Elizabeth!

      A podcast is like a radio show that someone makes on their own and they are free to download. You can find podcasts on pretty much every topic you might be interested in (cooking, quilting, books, movies, computer games, exercise etc). There are lots of quilting podcasts out there that are great! If you have an mp3 player like an iPod you can easily download and listen to them through iTunes. If you don’t have an mp3 player you can listen on your computer via streaming the episode.

      Here is my podcast on iTunes and you can quickly download any of my 50 episodes that way:

      If you want to stream my episodes instead just click the link for the episode you want to listen to and then in the blog post you can click the play button in the player at the top. You’ll see the show notes for the episode and be able to listen at the same time!

      I hope that helps!