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The Weekend Where I Get Stuff Done

My checklist:

  • Last three rosettes for quilt show ribbons
  • 108 2.5″ finished HST units for a swap sewed up and mailed out
  • 8 String blocks mailed out for a swap (the blocks were already finished)
  • Meet and finish up all 58 awards for the quilt show

Everything got done!


Three rosettes finished on Friday night after work – took me about four hours.


108 HST units finished on Saturday morning using my handy foundation paper method – didn’t take long at all. About two hours start to finish.


We attached all the ribbons to the flowers on Sunday and now they’re packed up ready for the November show!


Basil is getting used to his backup crate in the office. We encourage him to go in there during thunderstorms. He prefers his bedroom crate to hide from thunderstorms though.

I visited a thrift store last week and they had 75% off all orange tag items so I dug through all the denim and found the largest pairs of jeans that I could find. I ended up with about 13 lbs of jeans for $14. Not bad! Here they are neatly folded. Doesn’t look like much but some of these jeans are BIG.


Most sizes are 20+ in womens or mens 44″ or larger. I got some large pairs of jeans!


Using my handy spring loaded scissors I started cutting the jeans up getting ready to do some sort of denim quilt.


Bernie tries to sleep. Byron likes to stare at her and make noises inciting her to play. It just makes her annoyed.

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  1. Geez girl…you are on FIRE!

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