Upcoming podcast milestone and a repair job

pod1400 So my very next podcast episode will be episode 50. Episode 50! I can’t believe it. I want to do something special for it and will likely host a giveaway once I dig through my sewing room and find some stuff.

It’ll be fun reflecting on the past 50 episodes. Looking forward to what’s in store for the next 50!

In other news, I’m getting my Janome 415 worked on this week so I can have it in the office. My boss told me I was welcome to have a sewing machine at work for when I’ve got a break or I’m at lunch. I’ll take small piecing projects and such with me that travel well and don’t require a lot of workspace. Nothing too complicated.

It stopped working correctly last January and wouldn’t reverse stitch any longer.  It made buttonholes impossible to do. I was forced to get a new sewing machine and ended up purchasing a Viking Sapphire 855.

I’m ready for it to be fixed so I can use it again.

This week I have to work on piecing a quilt back for my little Origins quilt that’s going to the longarmer. Hoping I can get that done today or tomorrow so I can pop it in the mail pronto. The large jelly roll origins quilt  will also have a pieced back but I’m not in a rush to work on that one.

Jelly Roll Race Quilt Tops

Mom’s batik jelly roll race quilt

I did get a solid vintage sheet to use as backing for my mom’s batik jelly roll quilt that I’ll be putting a border on this week.

Once all that is done the quilt leaf will come out and I’ll be quilting all sorts of quilts! I’ve got “Leftovers”, a corgi wallhanging, my mom’s JRR and the origins JRR quilt that I need to do.

Not sure what thread I’m going to use with the batik yet.


  1. 50 episodes! Time goes so fast and I have enjoyed every one. Thank you for the time you put into doing the podcasts. – we should be giving you something!

  2. Congratulations on the milestone Katie!

  3. Congratulations on your milestone! I enjoy your podcast while I’m walking during my lunch break, or on the elliptical. You’re inspiring me to try my hand at podcasting, too!

  4. Congratulations! I havent listened to all 50 but almost. You are very inspiring, I am working on my first official quilt. I thought I would get “into” quilting when I get older (I”m 54 now) but now is as good a time as ever I guess, lol.
    I have learned a lot from listening to you and enjoy listening to what your working on.

  5. Congratulations on 50 podcasts! I love listening to them. I learn a lot, and you always say something that makes me laugh! BTW, how are you quilting the JRR quilts? All over stippling? I have one in my UFO pile, and I’d like to get it done. Thanks Katie for all your contributions to the quilting world!

    • Hi Donna! I’m going to straight line quilt both of the JRR quilts. My mom requested that I just do straight line that creates “squares” across the top for the batik quilt. For my origins JRR I’m going to do diagonal straight lines in the middle about 1/4″ apart to create texture. I may do something fun in the border but nothing crazy. I want the fabric to stand out.

      • Thanks Katie! Both of these options sound great. Stippling didn’t seem to go with the straight lines of a JRR, so I’m going to choose one of these. Happy quilting and hugs to the Corgis!

  6. I’m so proud of all that you’ve accomplished in quilting! You have taken a craft and opened yourself up to the world, for others to see your mistakes and successes. You have GAINED so much by allowing others into your sewing room and home through Katie’s Quilting Corner. You have ladies from all over the world that read the web page and listen to the podcasts wanting to know what’s Katie doing now and what’s up with the beloved corgis: Bernie, Basil and Byron. A common thread used for sewing is the thread that has sewn together many beautiful quilts and FRIENDSHIPS. My prayer is that this common thread stay strong and never broken. Quilts are made to last for a lifetime and so are precious friendships.
    I love you Katie!
    Glad that you are getting your Janome repaired. Also, happy to hear that you can sew on it on breaks at work.

  7. WOW 50 podcasts. I have some serious catch-up listening to do. I only discovered your podcast a few months ago and haven’t listened to all the past ones. I do so enjoy hearing about you and your quilting (and your family). You are so honest and sincere – rare qualities these days. Keep up the good work from a 60 something (yikes almost 70) quilter. Your courageous speaking out about your weight is especially admired and moving. I, too, battle weight issues.