WIP Wednesday – July catchup

I’ve got a lot of irons in the fire but I’m getting to the bottom of the hole I think.

Huge thank you to Kati for sending me the lovely peach batik to make my fabric flower! I had no peach in my stash at all and nothing matched the show ribbon I needed to make a flower for.  Kati to the rescue with this perfect fabric! I love how it turned out.  I have three ribbons left to make flowers for.

Fabric flower

Lovely peach flower for the peach show ribbon. This will be “best hand quilting – judges choice” for our November quilt show

I finally got all my string blocks into the mail for the July string swap. I’m starting to receive some back! I’ve gotten 8 blocks back so far. Here are four of them. I love seeing all of them together! It should make a nice quilt.

Swap blocks received in string block swap

I’m starting to receive swap blocks from the string swap! I love these.

I pulled out my Origins jelly roll quilt using the Kimberly Einmo “Spring Fling” pattern and sewed on the last row. I squared up the edges last night to prep it for borders.Origins by Basic Grey - quilt unnamed right now. waiting on border

Finally have the main part of the top complete. Just need to sew up borders and stitch them on. Going to do a triple border I think.

I had to search for about half an hour trying to find out where I put all my Origins fabric. I know at one point I gathered all of it up and stuck it somewhere. I finally found it after nearly giving up. It was on my bookshelf in a deep ceramic bowl. All this fabric should make a nice border for two Origins quilts that I need to finish! One is a jelly roll race and the other is the Spring Fling that I haven’t named yet.

Future Border for two Origins by Basic Grey quilts

All my Origins by Basic Grey yardage and jelly roll leftovers! Should make a great border for two quilts I need to do.

While searching for the missing Origins fabric I located my Clover iron that I’ve been trying to find for months now.

Missing Clover Iron Located

While searching for my Origins fabric that walked off I happened across my Clover iron that’s been missing for several months. It was in a workshop box for a workshop I took way back in April!

Some sad news now, poor Bernie had to go to the vet yesterday. I thought she had a hotspot since she’s had a few this year and I saw a raw area on her behind. The vet spoke to me yesterday afternoon when I went to pick her up and explained she’d ruptured an anal gland! I didn’t even know she’d been having issues and there wasn’t any weird smell. They fixed her up and now I have to put ointment on her twice a day. She also gets pills twice a day too. It’s always an adventure trying to put topical ointment on a dog that hates to be handled. I came up with a workaround though. I empty her antibiotic capsule into a spoonful of peanut butter and hold that out while I rub the ointment on with a cotton ball. Keeps her too busy to bite me and everyone leaves with all their appendages intact.

She does have to stay in the cone for 2-3 weeks. And get monthly anal gland extraction.

Corgi Cone

She doesn’t know she has to stay in the cone for three weeks yet.


  1. Debbie Arrington says:

    Katie your quilt show ribbons are lovely! They are so much more special than “store-bought” and the winners are sure to love them. I thoroughly enjoy your podcasts and blog and I look forward to each posting. Keep up the good work!

  2. Poor puppy. It will probably heal up faster than that if she leaves it alone.

    Your quilts look great. I just started putting my set aside fabric for projects in a drawer so I can find it again and I don’t use it for something else.

  3. Aww, poor baby. But what a cone – that’s a Cone of Fame instead of shame – you must have made it? very cool. And hey – your Origins project is fantastic. 😀

    • Nah I purchased it. It’s water resistant and soft so she can’t hurt herself or someone else if she runs into it with the cone on. She likes to run into my calves with the cone and a hard cone hurts!

  4. Love your spring fling quilt.

  5. Poor Bernie! Good tricks to take care of her, good luck. I think Humphrey (my corgi) would be awful if he had to go through that.

  6. Donna G. says:

    Katie, the flowers and quilts are so pretty! I especially love the Spring Fling quilt. You do a wonderful job. Love pictures of your dogs, too. How do you get them to stand still for the camera? I hope Bernie does well.

    • I have a really fast camera or it wouldn’t work! Byron hardly ever stands still, most of my photos of him come out blurry despite my fast camera. Bernie likes to ham it up because she always thinks there will be food.

  7. Everything is just wonderful!! But my favorite is the one you just squared up…lol forgot the name….you know; the memory is the first thing to go!!!

    • Thank you! I know I’ll be celebrating when I sit down to start quilting that quilt. Despite it’s flaws that I see it really is stunning in that fabric line. I may send it off to a longarmer to let them work their magic on the quilt top since I’m pretty attached to it.

  8. Love the spring fling! Hope your pup heals up quickly. Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday!

  9. Светлана says:

    Бедная собака! И не объяснишь, что надо сидеть в трубе для его же блага.

    Топ одеяла уже нравится, а цветок – бесподобен. Обожаю цветы из ткани!

  10. Don’t you just love when something you’ve been searching for turns up! I’ve always wanted one of those Clover mini irons. Do you like yours?

    • I do – it works well for certain projects. My “cheater drunkards path” blocks work well with a mini pointed iron and sometimes I use it for small applique and paper piecing.

  11. She looks so happy in that elizabethian collar though, and as peachey beautiful as the ribbon! happy at both ends-lol, peanut butter and ointment-no bites! yeah

    love your quilting corner