51 – Quilt Shops, a book signing, embroidery projects, quilting

  • My new Kate Spade bag!

    I visited two quilt shops in Sarasota

  • New purse!
  • Went thrifting with a friend and got a few things
  • Upcoming craft show prep
  • Call ins from the contest
  • contest winner announcement – congrats Connie G. of Boise, Idaho!
  • Batting deal of a lifetime
  • Embroidery design fun – in the hoop
  • Quilting all sorts of stuff
    • Baby panel
    • Batik JRR quilt
    • Leftovers scrap quilt
  • Book signing with Kimberly Einmo
  • Funny bryon story involving Ritz crackers
  • Book I’m reading and related documentary – Dance with the Devil memoir by David Bagby and Dear Zachary is the documentary related to that story
  • Documentary recommendation – Jiro Dreams of Sushi
  • New movie recommendation – Lawless
  • New sponsor announcement 


  1. Thanks again for featuring us on today’s episode!!

    Also, a great site for inexpensive embroidery designs is Designs by JuJu


    A fellow guild member told me about it and they have tons of designs and always have some kind of sale going on. I have downloaded a ton of them! I think right now the sets are just $6 each and the more you buy the cheaper they become AND there are freebies too! Happy Quilting!!

  2. I really enjoyed this podcast. It’s packed with lots of quilting related information as well as daily life stories.

  3. Another very smooth podcast! My dieting self did want to hear more about the Amish Restaurant and what you had there…a girl can dream, right?

    I have had the Kimberly Einmo book for a while and now have the tool. I am not a huge Tri-Recs fan, but will keep trying.

    Glad to hear that you liked “Lawless.” I heard that it was very gory, but I watch “Boardwalk Empire,” and that’s hardly a walk in the park

    All the best.