Aurifil Thread Giveaway!

Win two spools of Aurifil and a fat quarter! (Teddybear not included)

Our new sponsor The Quilt Bear will be sponsoring several giveaways in the coming months – all featuring wonderful Aurifil threads in different colors.

If you’ve never tried Aurifil thread before you should seriously try it. You will not believe the difference in sewing and quilting. Your sewing machine will love you for it! My seams are more accurate, stronger and straighter since using Aurifil. I love quilting with it since it provides beautiful texture and color to my quilt. I love how long it lasts in my bobbin!

I order all of my Aurifil from The Quilt Bear! 

She offers the entire lineup of Aurifil threads. If you don’t see it listed on her site just e-mail her to request your color and weight and she can get it from the distributor same day or next day usually. The shop is really close to an Aurifil distributor so it makes delivery fast! Having an Aurifil thread card handy makes color choice easy for your projects so I also recommend one of those.

Buy three spools of Aurifil get one free! Orders accumulate over time so you don’t have to order three spools at once. The shop will let you know when you’ve qualified for a free spool.

The Quilt Bear has free shipping with ever US Domestic Order!

So here is your chance to try Aurifil for free! This contest open for US Domestic citizens only.

Included in the package is one spool of Aurifil 50 wt Mako color 2314 and one spool color 2630 along with a fat quarter from the All About Autumn collection by Northcott.

Enter via Rafflecopter below. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

My favorite quilt that I’ve done completely in Aurifil thread (monofiliment and 28 wt threads):

Rainbow Insomnia

Rainbow Insomnia

Rainbow Insomnia

Rainbow Insomnia


  1. I would love to win the Aurifil Thread. I have only tried one color but loved it

    • Thanks for commenting! I manually entered you into the Rafflecopter giveaway since I didn’t see an entry from you in there. Want to make sure you get included in the drawing!

  2. Colleen Lane says:

    Got some Aurfil trread as a gift and can’t belive the difference in my seams. Love this thread. Pick me Pick me LOL

    • Thanks for commenting! I manually entered you into the Rafflecopter giveaway since I didn’t see an entry from you in there. Want to make sure you get included in the drawing!

  3. Becky Greene says:

    I love the Fabric Glide – looks very interesting! Thanks for the chance to win!

  4. That fabric glide they have showcased on their home page is interesting! As far as fabrics I like the Blitzen collection and the Coquette collection. Thanks for the chance to win!

    • I know – I’m curious if the fabric glide works as good as they say it does! I have a round hoop by Martinelli but I don’t like it since I can’t remove it once I start quilting or I have to cut the thread. Doesn’t look like you’d have to do that with the fabric glide!

  5. Jennie Bobbins says:

    Thanks so much for the chance! I would love to have some Aurifil thread. I’ve checked out her shop and I know when I get around to ordering, I’ll definitely be shopping there.

  6. The Batik Samplers club looks very interesting.

  7. Your rainbow quilt is beautiful. I also love the aurilfil thread. I use it all the time,even the monofilament. Love your podcast. Keep growing in your passion. I would love to win the aurifil thread, it goes quick when you r creating….=)

  8. Your quilt is stunning, you are one talented lady….it is inspiring in that it makes me want to keep getting better , learn from my mistakes and above all not to be scared to attempt something a bit more demanding of me each time I begin a new project.Best of luck to everyone in this Giveaway,I will buy some Aurilfil thread here in NZ and see for myself why quilters rave over it.

    • You won’t be sorry! The thread is fantastic. I also agree – if you don’t try something new how will you get better? It’s worth trying.

  9. Jenny Faasavalu says:

    Katie, as always, I love your podcast. I think you are amazing, your quilting is outstanding and I love it how you have giveaways. I visited the Quilt Bear’s site and loved their clearance section!

  10. I’hd never tried Aurifil before, but would love to.
    Heard everybody who did loved this thread. So I’ll jump
    into the virtual hat and hope :)

  11. Janet Yatska says:

    LOVE yuour quilt and the embroidery is Beautiful!

  12. Stephanie O says:

    Beautiful quilt!!

  13. Donna Simpson says:

    Would love chance to try Aurifil and see how it compares to my usual brand. Love your quilt! The quilting just sets of f the colors. It’s really great.

  14. Linda Anderson says:

    Beautiful quilt!

  15. I would love to see you do a BIGGER version of “rainbow insomnia”. The colors pop and a bigger quilt will be just as beautiful, if not more so than this one.

  16. Кэти, какая красивая радуга! Я влюблена в неё!!!!!

  17. I am dreaming here, but I LOVE the “Aurifil Borsa Purse”. How great would that be to own that collection? Thanks for the chance to win.

  18. I love the quilt you made, it is really beautiful. I am keeping fingers crossed to win this one!!

  19. That quilt is so pretty! Love how you quilted it. I love Aurifil, too, for the same reasons. Thanks for the chance to win.

  20. It that one of Kimberly’s designs?

  21. I would love to try this brand….I hear so many stories about all the threads..hard to find the one that is best. I have asked other places and mainly what I get is “whatever the machine likes”..okay, I know that but am I supposed to just go buy every brand till I find what the machine likes? I can’t afford to do that! IT is a Singer Quantum..should take most! But since you have recommended this particular brand….that is what I prefer to learn from…someone that has done it before! THanks for the opportunity to win! (ps..I don’t tweet!) Looking forward to enjoying the Bear site and yours!

    • Thanks for entering! I’ve got three different brands of sewing machines (Viking, Janome and vintage Singer) and all three have liked Aurifil in them. I have yet to have a machine reject the thread. Good luck!

  22. I just tried Aurifil and I do love it! Would love to win some! Thanks for the giveaway.

  23. Amy Losordo says:

    I’m glad to know where I can get the Aurifile thread. Glad you ran this contest and introducing The Quilt Bear.

  24. Thanks for the giveaway! I checked out the Quilt Bear and will pick up some thread for an upcomming machine quilting class. I especially appreciate the tracking of thread purchases to qualify for the freebie and fee shipping. Excellent sourceQ

  25. Hi Katie: What a beautiful quilt! You did a wonderful job. I entered the give away – thanks to you and the sponsor!

  26. Jenelle Boxberger says:

    I would love to try this thread. You did a beautiful job on your quilt. I love to see new ideas and colors.